Do you buy new equipment because you are bored

Does you're system sound fantastic but you feel the need to change something out of boredom. I have been feeling this way lately. I wonder if it is a mental Issue.
What is it you are hearing that makes you think you might be bored with your fantastic system? Or what is it you are not hearing that you think you need to add to your system.
I ask this because I only upgrade when I hear something that is so, to my ears, outrageously better that I am willing to spend the money to get it. Otherwise I am quite content with what I have.
There will always be better or lesser systems, if you are at a point that there are only different ones, "congratulations".
Maybe all you need is new music.
Do you buy new equipment because you are bored

Seems that some threads are started because of boredom.
The fact is that I seem to get a boost out of getting something new. It helps stir the excitement back into the hobby. I know just what your feeling.
Good question.
Everything here is mostly mental issue. So, yeah, why not? I don't do it because of the expense involved, common sense usually prevails.
Clearly it's a mental issue. Change for the sake of change. A slippery slope to be sure.

Sometimes feel the same way, but generally regret it later when I act on it. Just enjoy the music.
Definitely a mental problem. And definitely one that I share...once I get used to the way thing sounds, often find myself compulsively longing to change things and take "the next step," even if I need to invent one just for the sake of exploring it. Changing something is invigorating, allows you to rediscover all sorts of stuff. That, and the upgrade gremlins are insidious little bastards. Never know how they're going to get their hooks in you -- and yes, do frequently seek to ambush you when your guard is down, bored and complacent -- but they're tenacious once they get the drop on you.
If I'm not getting into the system, I leave it off for a while, do other things. When I return after some days, it sounds involving again. I wouldn't say I was bored, just not into listening. I never buy because of boredom.
I sometimes read these forums out of boredom. Most times I'm looking for answers.
I try to check out Audiogon every day.
I've had the very good fortune of having (had) many hi end stores here in the Phoenix area.
Now, 80% of the brick & mortar stores here are gone.
I still have my wish list!
I'm constantly looking on line for items I want.
In the past, my local dealers/friends all knew exactly what was on my wish list. When any item came in on consignment/trade, I'd get a call.
The list constantly evolves. I just got another pair of Apogee Stages. Now, I want Scintillas.
It doesn't matter if I get them next week, or next year.
I'll get them.
I get that way once and a while. I have this urge to change something even though I am happy with it. I think sometimes I categorize my system as a project that needs completion. When I should look at it as a completed project built for the enjoyment of music. So Mental? Yeah I would say Mental Issue indeed. Ain't it great!
Not so much boredom as irrepressible curiosity is the reason I upgrade, and along the way, as the cost of my audio system skyrockets, I'm continually surprised by how much better music from the same CD can sound. I am at a point where I can't get my musical high without power cords costing more than a thousand dollars each (second-hand) because sadly, it is so hard to go back to a lower level of audio performance once you've been there.

Heck, I guess that is what we define as passion for our hobby, and where in reality, as we spend more and more money on audio consumption, it is just simply an obsession bordering on insanity!
I second, definitely a mental problem. Reminds me of the question, 'can you get bored with sex'.
It is a mental issue. Why not branch out into a new type of music from your normal listening? 1930 delta blues? Palestrina? Tibetan folk music? Cheaper and will make more of a difference than some tweak to an already outstanding system.
The bad part about being happy with your system is that you lose the entertainment of the hunt. It is a mental issue.

I don't mess with stereo components out of boredom, to me there is no reward for trying to fix what isn't broken, but that energy gets directed into other hobbies (or even work related stuff). Seems like part of the human condition is that we have a need to try to make some things as good as we can, kind of a rewarding itch to scratch if you channel it in a good direction.
Does you're system sound fantastic but you feel the need to change something out of boredom.

What if you've never had the luxury of a system that sounds fantastic? I guess that's a different thread...

There are those individuals in all aspects of life who just don't know when they've got it made.
When I want to hear something new, I drop by a local dealer-friend's place. I've given them enough business where I don't feel like I'm wasting their time and neither do they.

My system is at a point where if I change a component, it'll cost far more than I can afford to get a realistic improvement; any change I can afford will be a lateral move at best.

I've stuck to cables and tweaks the last few years (with the exception of a Rega DAC) whenever I want to hear a change. Anything bought has been returnable for a full refund or an in-home demo borrowed. The only thing in this regard that I've bought and kept was a Kimber Hero with WBT interconnect to replace my Audioquest King Cobras.

I've never gotten bored with my current system. I've had my Bryston B60 and Audio Physic Yara monitors for a bit over 4 years now, and it just gets better and better. It's remained fully engaging and entertaining the entire time. The Rega DAC took it up several notches from the Theta Cobalt DAC I was using. I tried a bunch of $1k and other DACs in the system and none were worth the cost to replace the Theta. Truthfully speaking, none of them improved on it, they were different at best and usually downgrades for one reason or another. I was completely fine with keeping the Theta until I got the chance to take home the Rega DAC.

I play around with speaker positioning and moving around stuff in the room from time to time. I usually revert back to where everything currently is, as the tradeoffs aren't as great as they first appear after a few weeks or so.

Game over with component upgrades. Unless of course I move into a home with a room that needs bigger speakers and/or more wattage to fill it.
money burns a hole in your pocket, or buying new and especially expensive equipment may be motivated by the need to impress other people.

otherwise there is a case of someone never being satisfied with the sound of their stereo system. it's the desire to go after a goal which may be more important than achieving it.