Do you like Jazz?

I like jazz and enjoy a local volunteer radio station in NYC, WKCR. WKCR will be playing 24 hours of Ornette Coleman all day Thursday March 9 and 24 hours of Bix Beiderbecke on Friday March 10, 2006. These are 2 of the annual 14 birthday broadcasts that pre-empt regular programming on WKCR on those days. WKCR is at 89.9 FM in the New York area and online at
Happy listening.
which radio station in NYC has program called "New Sounds" or something like that. I heard this program is pretty good, but don't know which station and what time. thanks
too bad..I live way out on the Island. Not even close to these radio waves. thanks for the tip....
You can use the link to WKCR's website to see their schedule as well as listen online anywhere.
"New Sounds" can be heard everynight at 11:00PM on WNYC-FM (93.9) and
Theduke, thanks!!!!! I'll check it out. Heard they play some good stuff once in a while.