Do you use VPI Anti-skating?

I own a VPI Classic 3.  Recently I purchased a Soundsmith cartridge, which Peter Ledderman (the Soundsmith) highly recommends using with anti-skating.  
I'm just curious, how many VPI / Soundsmith  cartridge users are using the VPI anti-skating?  Or, if you are a VPI / Soundsmith owner, and not using anti-skating, what are your experiences?
I have owned two VPI tables and have chosen to use the wire twist rather than the anti-skate. I tried it, I did not prefer it to the wire twist approach. Currently using a Soundsmith MIMC Star and loving how it sounds sans AS.
I dress the cables for anti skate with my 3D arm but do use the hanging weight method when I use the metal arms.
@dodgealum ,

What is the difference between AS and the "twist"?

I have a new Sussuro in the wings. Since I now have the dual pivot mod, I'm thinking of mounting it on the VPI?
The twist method is certainly a poor choice.  The stiffness of the wire can not be controlled, and, it changes (relaxes) quite readily.  The 2nd pivot is a serious improvement - be sure to use the Fozgometer to get the azimuth right.  I tried with and without a/s....can't hear a difference.  When adjusting the rear of the arm for height, check that the vtf is where you want it.  Changing the height changes azimuth as well...check and recheck.
@stringreen ,

I agree that the "twist" method isn't preferred. There is more nuanced control when using the VPI supplied string method. How about that, we agree. Haha.
My understanding is that there are different points of view regarding using the wire twist versus the anti-skating set up for a VPI table. Harry Weisfeld, if I recall correctly, is pretty agnostic about the need for anti-skate period and has said he prefers the wire twist as the best imperfect solution to counteracting the forces wrought by the spiral grooves. As I said, I tried both approaches and found no significant difference in SQ. At the end of the day using the wire twist provides one less thing to fiddle with and I don't find myself whether I have the anti-skate set correctly. Just my two cents.
For what it is worth, from the VPI Prime Owmer’s Manual, "VPI does not support the need to have anti-skate but does respect the customer’s interest in having it enabled."