Does a Linn kairm preamp reverse phaze

Does a Linn kairm preamp reverse phase
Unlikely since it is micro processor controlled.  Pre amps that reverse phase are vacuum tube with only a single gain stage that I'm aware of.   I'd be interested to learn of any solid state preamps that do invert.
If a bear reads in the forest does anyone take his opinion seriously?

Meaning, if you cant' tell by listening, what's the point?
From page 5 (pdf page 10) of the manual for the Linn KAIRN (not "Kairm"):

NOTE: The KAIRN inverts the phase of the signal to the power amplifier. Therefore connect the positive output of the power amplifier to the negative (black) loudspeaker terminal, and the negative output to the positive (red) loudspeaker terminal.

Although I agree with Erik that it probably won’t matter, at least with recordings that have been engineered with more than two or three microphones, and/or have been subjected to extensive electronic processing when they were engineered. Which means most recordings.

-- Al