Does anyone have any recent experience with Kharma loudspeakers?

I had the opportunity to demo the the Kharma DB9S and DB11S speakers a few weeks ago and was very impressed with their sound.  Are their any Kharma owners out there that can add any likes/dislikes with your own Kharma's?  Has anyone had the chance to hear these speakers?  Would be interested in any feedback.  Thanks in advance.
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@crwilli57  So happy for you and glad they worked out!  I remain shocked that Kharma does not get more recognition. Mike at @suncoast_audio is fantastic.

What, in your opinion, is the best part about your Kharma's?

My dB11-S project a huge sound stage on my room.  Instruments/Singers are all placed correctly in perfect scale.  I came from SF Strads and the Kharmas retain the warmth I was familiar with but just have ‘more’ clarity and detail.

I’m a bit late to the party but can honesty say that my dB-11S speakers have exceeded all my expectations and do everything I want.  Full-bodied, warm and musical with just the right amount of detail.   Every genre of music sounds great on them.