Does anyone have any recent experience with Kharma loudspeakers?

I had the opportunity to demo the the Kharma DB9S and DB11S speakers a few weeks ago and was very impressed with their sound.  Are their any Kharma owners out there that can add any likes/dislikes with your own Kharma's?  Has anyone had the chance to hear these speakers?  Would be interested in any feedback.  Thanks in advance.
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@woots,  How did you enjoy the Kharma speakers? Reviews have always been great.
@joeinid  I had never heard them but was pleased with overall sound.  I heard them versus several other brands and was shocked how much better they sounded than the M series Magico’s.  Interestingly, I was looking for amplifiers and pre amps when I literally stumbled upon the Kharma’s. 
Great news. I gravitate towards a warmer more musical speaker myself. I hope you get what you want.
twoleftears ironically I heard them at Suncoast when I was there earlier in April.  I was shocked to see them on Jay's YouTube right after I was there.  
FWIW, I have a thread in which I give my quick impressions of many speakers I auditioned.   Here's what I wrote about my Kharma audition:

Back in the day when they became something of the new rage among well heeled audiophiles, I'd heard several models, including in one gentelman's super high end set up. They impressed me with a combination of transparency, smoothness, richness, soundstaging...almost the whole ballgame. But overall I found the tone just a bit too much toward the "dark" side to really warm up to them.

Nonetheless a dealer suggested I listen to a used pair of Kharma CRM 3.2 FE speakers that he had for sale. I researched Kharma again and got quite excited at the prospect of owning a pair - great looks, good size for my room, wonderful high end pedigree in terms of construction, reputation etc. And it was a newer model, so I wondered what the Kharma sound was at this point.

What I heard again was that recognizable Kharma sound. For the size, the 3.2 threw a huge, transparent soundstage with full-bodied, rich images. The transparency and detail was superbly natural and unforced - effortlessly untangling the layers of sparkling guitars on, for instance, Johnny Cash's Solitary Man and I Won't Back Down, and making each distinct. Never with ear fatigue.

Unfortunately I found it veered a bit too much in to the "polite" terrifory, and the sound lost some of the excitement I was familiar with. The tone was also, as before, a bit too into the darkish territory for me. Finally, the bass wasn't nearly as tonal and controlled as I'd like. It was a Big Fat Bottom of a sound, probably great for filling out a big room. Unfortunately they were played in a room that was no doubt too small for them.

The CRM 3.2 FE is a 20 year old speaker.   The Kharma’s I’ve heard at shows over the past few years are extremely musical and engaging.  I’m certain, like other manufacturers, they’ve come a long way in the past 20 years.  Kharma Loudspeakers have been consistently some of my favorites at shows (even in crummy hotel rooms).
It would also be a question of the amp(s) used with them.  Even if they erred slightly in the directions outlined by prof, the right amp would ameliorate that.
@woots   I have an appointment on 5/15 to meet with Mike at Suncoast.  Based on our phone conversation, he wants me to listen to the Elegance S7-S.  Did you happen to listen to those?  If so, any impressions?  Keep us posted if you make a Kharma purchase decision and any further impressions.
I did not hear that exact model.  I promise you Mike will not disappoint you with the demo and from what I have read the cones/drivers are very similar.  Seems like room size determines the model more than anything.  I can't wait to hear your feedback.

Thanks for the reply @woots  My listening room is on the smaller size so, as you've pointed out, that is likely why he suggested the Elegance S7-S.  I'll post my impressions when I get back from the demo.
Thanks for the reply @woots  My listening room is on the smaller size so, as you've pointed out, that is likely why he suggested the Elegance S7-S.  I'll post my impressions when I get back from the demo.
Viperrgd, did you ever audition the S7-Ss?

Well Found this thread. So I figured I would add my two cents. I have on order a Pair of Kharma DB 9S, and should arrive soon??? I hope. Anyway sold two pairs of Wilsons as I was not happy with them. Tried a Pair of Focal Scala Evos and disliked them more. Hoping these are the ones. 

To rediculus 

Seems with so much dislike for your past experiences with speakers you might look at the rest of your system as the actual problem.

Just a quick update to all that are curious about Kharma speakers. I received my new pair of Kharma DB9 S speakers about a month ago , and I can honestly say these are the most musical speakers Ive ever owned. I believe that is saying something. So what does that mean?? The Kharma's cover all the frequency's well top to bottom, great imaging, great soundstage, depth etc. But what they do that nothing else I have had do! is play music that sounds like music the midrange is to die for and you want to listen for hours. These things make music sound great without listening fatigue or ripping your ears off. If anyone is in the market I strongly encourage a listen at your dealer just two cents worth here Regards.


Wow the Kharma DB9 S speakers are serious business.  You a playa now! :-)


How funny @prof and ​​​​@rediculus I started this thread exactly one year ago today.  I knew I was on to something when I heard these....ha ha



I purchased the dB11-S from Mike at Suncoast in December ‘21 to replace my beloved SF Stradivaris.   I couldn’t be happier with the upgrade.  Impeccable build quality and highly musical SQ.  They have more of everything over my Strads.

i also auditioned the dB9-S and would likely have been equally happy with them.

@crwilli57  So happy for you and glad they worked out!  I remain shocked that Kharma does not get more recognition. Mike at @suncoast_audio is fantastic.

What, in your opinion, is the best part about your Kharma's?

My dB11-S project a huge sound stage on my room.  Instruments/Singers are all placed correctly in perfect scale.  I came from SF Strads and the Kharmas retain the warmth I was familiar with but just have ‘more’ clarity and detail.

I’m a bit late to the party but can honesty say that my dB-11S speakers have exceeded all my expectations and do everything I want.  Full-bodied, warm and musical with just the right amount of detail.   Every genre of music sounds great on them.