Does anyone know what input tubes are in an Audion Golden Dream?

It's time to retube my Audion Golden Dream amps' input tubes and Audion rebrands their tubes with their own in-house codes. I've contacted Audion dealers and the factory; all to no avail. Audion has these tubes branded as CVX100 and CVX120. The Audion dealer in Nashville, a helpful & pleasant fellow, has never seen a pair of Golden Dreams and after several days of checking still has no answer. I really appreciate if someone can help.
Level 5 Audion Golden Dream comes with jj300b tubes.
Or so I've read.....
Also read they come with Golden Dragon tube makers version of Western Electric 300b.
Thanks for your response but the 300Bs are obvious; I'm about to try the relatively new Psvane Acme 300Bs. The tubes I need help identifying are the two small input tubes labeled CVX100 & CVX120.
CVX100 = EC86

CVX120 = E280F

per notes I took maybe 5 years ago when looking @ a used pair (previous Silver Night owner).

Suggest you verify though as I did not note the source.

Yes, that is according to The Tube Store, who tested them. Might want to contact them to verify.
Thanks Jay; these Golden Dreams are amazing; they'e so detailed, so clean; even compared to the super-transparent David Bernings, and they're a match made in heaven with the Avantgardes. We love 'em.