Does anyone know who makes/sells...

those ceramic footers that are used to raise speaker cables off the floor? Are they effective?
Audionut sells these online... It is where I got mine:

Where there any sonic improvements, or are they more for precaution?


To tell you the truth, no sonic improvements were heard by either me or my wife (who got me these for Christmas a few years ago...). I put them under the speaker cables which are are Nordost SPM, and these elevators have been reportedly able to improve their sound but... not.

Perhaps because my carpet is 100% plush wool (most carpets are or have acrylic)? Perhaps because these cables are kind of stiff and thin and wide that they do not really settle nicely in the channels in the top of the elevators (i.e. rounder speakers cables may work better)?

But, yeah, still use them as a 'precaution', just in case static starts building up after small micro-vibrations cause the cable to rub back and forth against the carpet.
There are a lot of snake oil products out there and the cable towers certainly sounded like one. Some people swear by them and someone (who are normally more honest) simply couldn't tell any difference.
I can immediatly tell a difference when elevating my speaker cables with simple blocks of wood, I would try that before investing in anything expensive and see if you can hear an improvment.
Czapp I found a tweak that you may want to try. Get some large Dixie cups,cut a hole through them, slide your cables, and then turn the cups upside down(opening on the floor). I have my cardas cables dressed as such. Can't say much about sonics but it keeps them off the floor. Good listening!
Stehno is right. You can buy the same thing at any big hardware or electrical supply house. These are MUCH cheaper to say the least. Unfortunately, the ceramic used is not "audiophile grade" : )

These are called "cable hangers" or "wire hangers". They come in two different heights, one being much shorter at about 2" and the other about 5-6" or so. I would HIGHLY recommend using the larger ones or you will have to have a support every couple of inches. This is due to the natural sag that the wire has hanging from the suspension points. Sean
I bought some pipe insulation foam - it is sold at Home Depot for 80 cents to 1$ for 8 foot lengths I believe - it also comes in different thickness - it is used to wrap pipes to keep them from freezing. You can slice it however you want and either place the entire cable in it or cut the stuff to place as far apart as you like. It keeps the cable off the floor and from coming in contact with other power line cables that might add noise. It is dark gray in color and really does the trick. It also helps keep other cables from coming in contact with each other in my setup.
Ljgj, I use the same thing and the sonic improvements were astonishing - greater than any upgrade I've made - aiken to say several thousand $$ :) just kiddin - I do use these and they look interesting but I can't hear any improvement with my rig.
I would say you are right about audible sonic improvements - they do keep them off the floor - these are particularly good on cable tv lines in the attic - it keeps them from touching the electrical lines and picking up interference when that does happen and crossind such lines are unavoidable.
Well. Before you go out and spend $120 bucks on some peices of ceramic i really think you should try something cheap. I have a system worth. around $2000.00 and i have Pool coping bricks under my cables. I didnt notice any differences, but hey its a free tweak. and it looks ok too.