Does anyone make a list of songs that they want to hear when they get home

I have started making a list of songs that pop in my head during the day to that I'd like to listen at night. Most of the songs will have been forgotten. Anyone else do this?
I definitely do! And to be honest, I'm not making just list of what song should I listen when I came home. I make one list of what should I listen while driving, traveling, sleeping, relaxing etc.
Yep. I have a running list in my Notes app on my iPhone. Sometimes I hear a song, or read an article about a musician, and jot down the details. When I have time to sit down and listen I go through my notes. I have discovered some great music that way.  List taking is a holdover from my Air Force days. 
@16f4's list is how I keep track of new stuff listen to, when he posts it to the streaming thread!