Songs that can be streamed at higher Res

So I just bought a new BS Node N130 and want to see what streaming is all about. Seeing as I have over 22xx CD’s, I was not in a hurry to go straight into a high end streamer, because if I find I don’t use it or I can’t hear a huge difference in sound quality, I’m not out big bucks.

So I just got a 4 month free Amazon Music subscription and I’m looking for High Res tracks that are well recorded and at least 24/192 or higher. Other than Opera and Rap, I’ll listen to almost anything you all suggest.

Thanks in advance.




I suggest that you don’t limit your experience to ‘high res’ files. There are plenty of files at CD res (16/44.1kHz) that are excellent. Just grabbed the tablet and explore the vast catalog of playlists and albums. 

If you want to experience best sound quality and high resolution files upto 24/192kHz among cloud based streaming services, I highly recommend signing up for a free 30 days trial with Qobuz. 

And then there is ‘optimization’ of streaming setup. I won’t burden you with all that now, there are plenty of threads here for you to educate yourself on how to get best SQ out of Node. 




+1 Qobuz


I understand your interest in dipping a toe in. But keep in mind that unless the sound quality equals your other options it really isn’t going to tell you much. It gets compelling when streaming equals or exceeds your other options. With a bit of time most will wonder away from listening to the same old stuff and start exploring. The bands you love, but did not have other albums… adjacent albums, adjacent genre. A whole world opens up. Qobuz sounds better than Amazon and has 500,000 high resolution albums.

Anyway, enjoy. But when everything sounds as good or better than your library the dynamic really changes. Dipping your toe in may just give you a huge source of poor sounding music.




I am enjoying it very much, but have already found several albums that ain’t there!




I have 3+ months free left and then Qobuz and or Tidal.

Why so both of you say Qobuz? Why are they that much better than Tidal?

Yes, Qobuz sounds better than Tidal and in addition only has around 60,000 high Rez albums as of about six months or so. I would try Qobuz right away… it’s free fora month… you can compare.

Qobuz has Abbey Road 50th anniversary in 24/192 . Not sure about Amazon but that's one you could compare if you have the CD in 16/44.


It’s funny you mentioned Abbey Road, because I’m kinda a Beatles fanboy and already have the the 50th Anniversary set. Giles Martin did a great job on this remaster. The Beatles remastered their entire catalog in 2009-10 and it was mostly a money grab, but the 3 new remasters are all pretty darn good and they even cleaned up the bonus tracks.

I’ll take a listen to the 24/192 tomorrow and yes it’s on Amazon.

Thanks for the suggestion.