Does remote control degrade the sound of tube preamps?

Some preamp manufactures (e.g. CAT) don’t put remote controls in their preamps due to the supposed sound degradation. This could also be just an excuse. Do you think the sound quality is degraded with a remote? I am talking about an audible effect.


I've got a Herron Audio tube preamp with a remote (the smallest remote I've ever seen!), and I don't think Keith Herron would put something in his gear that would cause any noticeable sound degradation. I definitely need a remote as the source doesn't all come in at the same level, and when I use it for watching TV, I'm always having to shift the volume up and down... 

How would you know because if it's designed with or without that's is your only reference point  ? 

I resolved this clearly a while back but if anyone feels compelled to continue to debate a moot point feel free. 🤷

goofy how this thread on such a minor, non-issue hasn't died under its own weight...