Downsizing: Separates>Integrated --PSAudio>Pass Labs

Moving soon to a smaller space. 

Currently have PS Audio BHK 300's and a BHK Pre Amp.

Keeping this stuff in new space will work but have begun thinking about going with an integrated amp.

Any thoughts on going from my PSAudio separates to a Pass Labs Int-250?

Thank you


you don't mention your speakers or your space... but pass integrated should be just fine, how it will compare sonically will depend somewhat on what tubes you used in your bhk300s

Pass 250 is a very good choice. I ow one myself. If you do’t need the power the pass it 60 is also a good choice. Another amp I would consider would be the Hegal 590. I’d I did not have the pass that would be my choice. Much less money on the use market and maybe depending o your listening preferences many better then the pass.


Thank you. Good point.

My speakers are Vandersteen Treo CT

space is a med size room.

The INT-60 is pretty attractive given the price difference vs. the INT 250.

Any thoughts on driving the Vandersteens with the 60 vs 250?

I think the 60 may be sufficient in a smallish room. But I find Pass Labs very pricey compared with other brands. 

I dont have much experience with integrated but I did in house demo a little Hegel Rost. It was impressive enough that if I ever collapse I would include their products into my list of candidates.

People on here also have given positive feedback on Rogue Audio’s hybrid solutions (Tube/Hypex).


Also, PS audio has a integrated offering although pure class D.