Dumping McIntosh for Bose

Got the McIntosh mx122 processor using 4 Classe 25 amps to biamp my Bower Wilkins 802D3s, the entire system is not a match and even though it sounds ok, it’s not worth the money and it’s not practical not easy to use, and my McIntosh mx122 just stopped working and needs needs the prologic card replaced, money is tight gonna sell it buy something cheap and pocket the difference, between the Bose seismic home theatre and the lifestyle 650 which one is recommended? Bose says the seismic is better even though it’s $1000 less , maybe they saying that because they don’t have the 650 available anymore? Which one you guys recommend? Maybe I add and extra 1-2 subs? Does anyone know where I can buy a prologic replacement card for my McIntosh mx122?