Dunlavy SC-V questions

Hello, everyone

A pair of SC-Vs has come onto the market near me, but there seem to be some cosmetic issues with them. Specifically, the oak veneer seems to be lifting on the sides of the speakers. I have heard of this happening to other Dunlavys but, fortunately, it hasn't happened to any of mine. What causes this and can they be repaired without a lot of work? This particular pair is serial number 290A/B. Any idea when they were manufactured? They do have the cone upper-mids.

Are there any other things I should ask the seller or weaknesses I should look out for? He says that they sound just fine.

BTW, he is asking $4000, but in light of the veneer problem, does this seem reasonable keeping in mind I will have to move them about 400 miles? Any other thoughts will be much appreciated.

Lastly, my dedicated room is about 17 x 22 x 8. Is this room big enough for them or should I stick with my SC-IVs?

Best wishes to all,

I can't answer most of your questions (though $4000 sounds like a decent price), but I think your room might be just a little too small for the SC-Vs.  My room was 20 by 19 with a 10 foot ceiling, and Duntech Princesses (the equivalent of your SC IVs) were the largest Duntech model I could get to work in there--the Sovereigns (SC-V equivalent) were just too big for the room.
Thanks for your reply.

I'm happy with the IVs, but have always heard that the Vs were special and John Dunlavy's personal favorites.

I sure don't "need" the Vs as I already listen to 5 pairs of Dunlavy/Duntech in various systems -- I'm sure most of you can relate to the "speaker-disease."
Seems like a decent price for a pair in good shape,  I'd have a hard time biting on something @ $4000 that looked rough...
On the other hand,  if the veneers are in good shape, re gluing isn't too tough.  Good luck, Tim
I've got 4's in a 20x20 room and 5's in the same room  (was gonna sell the 4's when i found the 5's . but just couldn't let them go as someday might have a big enough home for 2 systems.    the 5s's work with proper room treatments , but are a little overkill.  regale or re veneer them thats not that big of a deal breaker to me ,its not that hard to do on them since they are flat rectangular  boxes.  the backside of one of mine is loose but I don't look at the back .

The deal became $2500 for the pair after a little negotiation.  The veneer is peeling only at the rear edges so that from the listening position you would never know.

I bought this set from the husband of the original owner.  She was completely blind and bought them based on sound alone.  Apparently she had phenomenal hearing as her family told me she could tell if you had a shoelace untied when you entered the room -- and which shoe it was!  She was also a folk music enthusiast, so these probably had a gentle life. 

Anyway, this is a first for me -- a female audiophile.