Dynaudio Confidence C2 or Focus 360 ?

Presently I am using a pair of Dynaudio Audience 82 but have been considering moving up the line to either the Contour S3.4, Confidence C2 or newer Focus 360. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. I would like to keep the speaker weight at or below approximately 100 pounds. Thanks, Bob
Kind of strange selection there.Havent heard the Focus line and probably never will(no real desire),the 3.4s are OK but much better speakers out there at that price point..and the C2s I wouldnt want(they seem to be the oddball speaker in the confidence line and just dont do it without a sub and a hard sell on the used market)..C1s (sell quickly) with sub or C4s(they hardly ever come up used,guessing owners love em)!.Thats where you should be auditioning,just my opinion as a Dynaudio owner. Of course its all room dependent/gear/music you listen too/ cash available etc etc.
Hello. I currently own C2s which I upgraded from 3.4s. While I loved my time with the 3.4s when I upgraded to the C2s I finally understood what all the fuss was about the Confidence line. This speaker makes me just want to sit back relax and listen to music. To me thats what this hobby is all about. I currently live in a condo so the C4s were out of the question until we move. The C2s are more than adequate enough in my room. What I also love about the C2s is I can walk through out my condo while there playing and they seem to project this big acoustic bubble of sound no matter were I stand. As far as weight and size they were very easy to move and once there in place they actually blend in with there surroundings nicely despite ther size. I never heard the Focus 360 so I can't comment on that speaker. Hope this helps.
The C-2's are good, but I agree that you should target the C-4's. I've seen them for $8k on the used market.
Tjp62 and Mmike84 - Thanks for your comments about the C2 and C4. My room is only 13 x 21 feet and the speakers are on the short wall, so either speaker should work well.
Then try the C-2 and add a sub later if needed. They are a tough sale on the used market though so don't pay too much.
360's-are an amazing value, utilizing the Esotar tweeter

3.4's-are superbly balanced

C-2's well, lets just say the most overlooked speaker is one of the best, hands down.You don't need a sub with the C-2 as they are flat to 28Hz!

C-4's -everything the C-2's are, just more of it!
I've owned the C2's and the C4's. I found the bass lacking with the C2's and used a REL Storm sub to fill out the low end. The C4's do not need a sub.
I greatly appreciate everybody's input. There is a used pair of Contour S3.4s on Audiogon so I am going with them. My room is only 13' x 21' with the speakers on the short wall so the S3.4s should work well. I am expecting them to be an improvement over my Audience 82s.
I've seen them for $8k on the used market.

Ill take every pair you have at that price ..try 10-11 grand
04-22-10: Toetapfactor
I've seen them for $8k on the used market.

Ill take every pair you have at that price ..try 10-11 grand
Toetapfactor (Answers)

About a year ago there were a bunch on. Some sold. Others didn't. One Rosewood pair in DC went to $7500 before selling. Maybe they coincided with a new model and that was a blip in the market, but I doubt it. On big expensive speakers you're lucky to get 1/2 of retail, and usually less.

If you'll make that a standing offer I'll go find you a couple pairs right now and keep the diff.;)
yes find me a nice pair for 8 grand..Ill be waiting,lol..last legit pair(about 3-4 weeks ago) just sold on this site for 10,5K in about 3 days
Both S3.4 and Focus 360 are not in the same quality level of Confidence C2. Focus is an entry level line and Contour is a cross-over between entry level and high end class. Confidence is truly in a class of its own. If budget is not an issue, Confidence C2 is surely the best amongst your choices. C2 is 80 lbs, Focus 360 and S3.4 are about 70 lbs. They are easy to move around and position. I am an owner of Confidence C2. Happy listening.
>>04-25-10: Ultramanhero
Focus is an entry level line<<

That's incorrect.

Actually Excite is the entry level line.

Dealer disclaimer.
Audiofeil friend,
Focus is an entry level line and Contour is a crossover. -- This statement was declared by the local Dynaudio office, not my opinion.

This is the natural order of Dynaudio loudspeakers from the entry level to the high end. Contour is NOT a crossover line, although the 5.4 does use a variation of the Esotar2 tweeter found in the Confidence line, but so does the Focus 360.