Dynaudio Contour 60 too much for 14x13x11 room?

As the subject states, I have a 14x13 (11' ceilings) room that I want to use for a pair of Contour 60s. I don't mind if it gets loud, I'm just wondering whether the room size will have a detrimental impact on the sound. Any advice in response is appreciated.


I think most folks would say yes, too large for a room that size. If you own them, try it out and see, but I definitely would not purchase those speakers without knowing for sure. I think the 20's or 30's would sound way, way better.

Thanks, bojack. The room turns out to be 16.5 x 14. In any event, I have a huge dropout somewhere between 200-60 hz (I have a pair of Contour 20s, and a pair of Rel S/510s). I have Levinson 585 and I find that I have to go to 50% to get any decent volume and/or bass. I have the 510s turned up nearly half way. 

If you have a huge drop out between 60-200hz, you don’t need larger speakers, you need room acoustics. 

Contour 60’s are much TOO big for that size room.  I too think the 20’s would be plenty, particularly with subs.  As testpilot says you need to look at your room, or having to turn up the volume that much on your amp, I’d look at the amp too.  Something isn’t right somewhere.

My room had bass dropouts regardless of placement until I went with speakers with side firing woofers. I don't understand how or why it would matter and I was also trying different amps so the reason could have been low impedance suckouts, but if you can get a db meter and walk around the room you should find a spot bass is strong [check corners) if it's room nodes.

Thank you everyone. There is an open fireplace on the wall where the speakers are. I’m new to this, but I’m pretty sure that the problem. yes, I know, I'm dumb.

I have a few Dynaudio systems in different sized rooms and your liberal use of the dial may be perfectly normal. The Contour 60 is marginally more sensitive then the 20, but since you are using subs that advantage is largely negated, and you’d likely be on a similar spot on the dial. The 585 should be plenty of power in that room. One thing I would check though is your source output voltage. The normal voltage output should be around 2 volts and if your source is putting out less, it will have a direct relationship on how much dial you need for a given volume. Some digital components have an adjustable output, if you are using CD or vinyl you may have to check the output specs of your player.

You're not dumb, at least not in this regard as speaker room interactions are quite common and placement can make massive differences in sound.

Well live and learn.  I’ve been at this almost 60 years and still learning.