Dynaudio Evidence Master need speaker cables

I need some speaker cables that will match my new Dynaudio Evidence Master speakers. I have Lamm 1.2 reference amps. I have used Kubala-Sosna with good results but I am open to new things. All suggestions welcome.
Try the Ocos, Dynaudio suggests them.
A friend has the same speakers and he´s very happy with them, don´t let the low price fool you.
I agree with Tubin.

Dynaudio uses OCOS. Some older Dynaudio speakers have dedicated OCOS speaker adapters.
I have the C4's and love them! I am running MIT Oracle V2.1 speaker cables. I have krell evolution components and Transparent IC's and MM power cords. I have used almost every high end and low end cable available over the years..evrybody has a shtick...one thing you can't get around is the noise and hash that is passed between the wall socket and the gear. Without a networked cable you are hearing more than just the music, you are hearing all the crap on the mains and the distortions indigenous to the playback chain. Try some new Transparent IC's and or MIT cables..the new Transparent MM powerlinks are amazing as well as the IC's!! OCOS should give you everything you pay for..and a whole lot of other stuff ya wish ya didn't get...your gonna love the cymbals...donb't forget your earmuffs!!
Give the Master LE a shot if you are open for suggestions,these cables will wipe the floor with any of the mentioned cables.To truly get what they do you must really run the same cables throughout ones system for real synergy.I know that a few friends have gone with this rec and have been blown with how it transformed their systems.Virtual dynamics has raised the bar with the 2.0 series cables, they offer technology that nobody in the industry is utilising.Hope this helps and there is a used Master p/c inthe LE series in the classifieds.
Funny how the snake oil is said to be in the box...it's in the 99% of most other cable manufacturers and their new age treatments. Garbage in, garbage out! MIT get's it right...people still buy silver cables as well (their suicide rate is much higher than copper wire users I hear).
This is all predicated on the fact that one listens to music and not just the wire itself.

Obviously, at your level of equipment, it becomes a matter of taste and flavor. I am using Dynaudio Temptation speakers with Lamm M1.2 Reference amps. After much experimentation, I have found the Kimber Select 3035 speaker cables to work very well. I prefer them over K-S, Transparent Ref XL, MIT, Tara Labs and Nordost Valhalla.

I have NOT tried Jena, Purist, VD or several others which are also highly recommended. Your system synergy as well as your room acoustics will also factor into the equation.

Contact John Pharo at The Cable Company and request to audition 3 or 4 cables as your narrowed choices. He is very knowledgeable and may recommend other options as well.

Best of luck. Let us know what you decide.
I give a 2ND vote to Virtual Dynamics cables. You will not be disappointed with any of their cables. I believe they have a trial offer on their cables. I also agree with Cenline, The more VD cables you add to your system, the greater the synergy of the system. But if you only add one cable now, and hear the results, you can't wait untill adding more cables from the VD line.
At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I also highly recommend the VD cables - probably at least Master level. For a real treat, there is always Revelation series above that - simply outstanding, IMHO.

Bryanhod I heard your amps and speakers with Virtual Dynamics Revelation Signature cables hooked-up, unbelievable. You need to try them, I live in Toronto Canada and if you happen to live close I will gladly bring over my pair for you to listen to but be prepared to have to have them. I actually have them for sale right now only because they are not long enough. Check them out on Gon, they are less than half price.
DEV your offer is great but unfortunately I liev in Colorado. I am going to look into Virtual Dynamics. Thank you again.
I have ordered a pair of Virtual Dynamics Revelation 2.0 speaker cables. I will update you on what I think next week once they arrive.
Bryanhod, I never heard the the 2.0's but any of VD's product needs time to break-in. The Sig's I had 500 hours, I am waiting for Genesis bi-wire speaker cables to arrive, should be interesting.
Ok, here's a suggestion. Relatively cheap to try, so if you don't like the results, no biggie.

I use Kimber 8TC's with WBT spades between my MC501's and Evidence Temptations. I like the end product.
I have the Virtual Dynamics Revelation 2.0 speaker cables in my system now. They are not harsh initially which is a good sign but we shall see how they do in time.