Dynaudio Evidence Temptation?

I am looking to build my audio system around the Dynaudio Evidence Temptation. I would like to hear from those (dealers, owner's, etc) that have heard these speakers with
a variety of gear. I am going to use the DEQX 2.6p as a preamp and looking for recommendations for CD or Universal player, power amp and cable. cost around $15,000.
Do you think that Music Reference RM200 poweramp can match the Temptations and the DEQX 2.6?
Dynaudio Rule #1: No tubes!!!!

Your instincts on how to build a system around these speakers is all wrong...so if you feel compelled to go one way do just the opposite and you'll be fine.

I'm not sure you're going to get what you want out of that DEQX. What you should do with this speaker is look carefully at the TACt and the DEQX units to see which one sdoes what you need. I would buy these after you have the speakers installed for sometime. The Temptations if memory serves me correctly should not even be biwired. I'll assume you have measurement equipment to setup these eq's properly. Using an "Auto" features would be unwise with this speaker.

I would look into Spectron or Tact amplifiers to keep the signal digital to the last instant, this will also make your universal player choice less difficult since you wont have to worry about its DtoA characteristics.

Also having 500 watts is a very good thing with the Temptations.

The best system I have ever heard on the Temptations was the ML No.32 with Warner Imaging ER300 Monos. (both Co. MIA now) Outstanding in every way, no flaws.

Bryston 14B SST Vs. Audio Research 300.2 Vs. Bel Canto Evo4 Vs. Jeff Rowland 501/201?

Hi Mr Edwards:
What stereo system do you have and what is your real world and dream system choices-from analogue /digital front end to speakers and cabling inbetween?
I have heard the Temptations at my dealer's on a lot of occasions for several years. Amps used include the Accuphase 50 watt class A stereo amp, the Boulder 1000 series monos, Lamm ML1.1s and the Siltech amps, the latter two tubed designs. If you have a big room and play them loud, a strong solid state or big tube amp will be needed. You may lose some bass control with the tubes, so if that matters a lot you should steer towards solid state. I will state, as a tube man who owns Lamms, that my pick of all the amps on them was the Siltechs, followed by the Lamms, both of which drove them to fine volume levels and sounded superb. You should probably check with your amp manufacturer, but my guess is that the Music Reference should have enough to drive your speakers and make great music, you just may lack the last bit of control in the bass but the bass you get should still sound very natural and full.
My Temptaions are coming in about a week. I will drive them with a Boulder 2060 amp and have an EMM labs Switchman with the Meitner DAC6 and CDSD transport. My rears, for multichannel fans, will be Dynaudio C-4's and there will be a Confidence center (for now), driven by a BAT VK6200. Can't wait.

David Shapiro
When you get your system set-up w/the Tempt's, I'd love to see some pix. The Tempt's are my dream speaker.

I currently own the Dynaudio Confidence C1, and Dynaudio Contour S3.4s'.

Did you find the Tempts new or used ?
Thanks, and Best Regards.
David, of all the amps I heard with the Temptations, the Boulders easily were the best in the bass; they had more uncovered low frequency ambient information than any amp I've ever heard, a very noticable trait. I think you'll like the combination a lot.
I also just bought an REL Studio 3. That should help also with bass response and ambience.

I have been using a Krell KSA 200s amp and a Krell KPS25sc front end with Dynaudio E Temptations for 6 months and could not ask for better sound. The Temptations are easier to drive than the legendary Dynaudio Confidence 5's, which are half the size in dimensions and speaker compliment. The Temptations are simply a world class speaker in every way. I recommend a class "A" solid state amp to drive them and they cannot be bi-amped. They are 4 ohm speakers so they see a 200 watt amp (at 8 ohms) as 400 watts (at 4 ohms), which is more than enough power to fill any listening room.
David, i am seriously considering 2 REL Studio III's for my room.......and would be very interested on how well the REL integrates with the Temptations. the Temptations are very good in the bass by themselves (like my Exquisites) and wonder if the coherency will be diminished.....in other words.....will it be 'all good' or a collection of 'trade-offs?

i am referring to 2-channel music.....not multi-channel or film.
I'll let you know in about a week. I've been using 2 REL stentors and they integrate well, but my Studio will be set up soon. The dealer has been waiting til my upgraded Theta casablanca is done, so they can get everything set up all at once.

Mike, off topic, but how do you feel your reimyo compares to the linn cd-12?

Thanks so much,
I own a pair of C4's and drive them with a PLINIUS SA REFERENCE power amp(300 WPC 8ohms class A selectable).As I know that the character of TEMPTATIONS is quite similar to that of C4's,I trully recommend this amp. to you.You will never feel short of power,while the sound has many of the advantages of a good tube amp.I have tried my speakers with other very well known power amps costing considerably more before I end up with my chice, including tubes.I believe my choice was the best,and I think that cables are also a very important choice you will have to make.I would go for NORDOST NIRVANA. These for now,and happy listening! This won't be hard with the TEMPTATIONS... S.M.F
What Subwoofer would you recommend using with the dynaudio Evidence And/or Temptation?
d edwards I heard them yesterday with BAT tube ref monoblocs , so incredible and powerfull sound with total control and awesome space and resolution, did not miss dynamics at all, wow