Dynaudio Heritage + Gold Note IS-1000 Deluxe

How do you think about this pairing? Would Gold Note be able to feed Dynaudio's hungry machines? 

If not, do you have any better suggestions for a similar price? 


Two more cents: the Sugden's power is Class A, and comparable to that of the Pass Int-25. Just sayin'.

I had the smaller Lyngdorf 2170 with the Contour 20s for a while. Not enough power. Ran out of juice quick. Same amp sounded amazing with Tekton DIs. Maybe the more powerful 3400 would have enough. 

Gato AMP 150 AE and Hegel h590 are in my consideration now, after a long research 

I have the Dynaudio HS speakers. My pov is they need 200 watts to really open up. I just don’t think it makes sense to drive them with a lower powered amp, even a high current class A doesn’t cut it. 

I’ve taken the HS out of circulation until I get a high powered solid state amp.