Dynaudio - Made in China vs Denmark


    I  recently Purchased a new pair of Dynaudios. The floor model I auditioned were 'Made in Denmark' but the pair which was shipped out by the dealer was 'Made in China'. They are still boxed. Whats should I do:

1. Swap with the showroom floor model (they were probably a yr or 2 old)

2. Unbox and use my 'Made in china' pair ?

My main concern here is the quality of the product from China. Resale values.

Anyone with experience please chime in. 



While concern about where a particular product is made may not be in itself racists, it does show either internal prejudice or concern with other's prejudices.


I don't doubt for a minute I could find mistreatment of certain peoples, or some unfair practices in every country on this earth. I'm sure I've purchased items of all sorts from manufacturers and countries that engage in harms to some people. One could measure one country against another in making this choice which totally ignores the individuals and/or single manufacturer in equation. For instance, I could purchase product from a country I prefer, yet from individual or manufacturer that mistreats people. I could also purchase from less preferred country from individual or manufacturer that treats people well.


Do people seriously believe all citizens/companies from any individual country are all uniformerly bad or good?  Are those so focused on audio equipment country of origin as concerned about all their other purchases? I presume every single individual on this planet has purchased products from entities that have caused harms to others. How does one draw the line when these products so ubiquitous?

GoerTek – a consumer electronics company based in China – has announced it has acquired the majority of shares in Dynaudio (in 2014), the high-end speaker manufacturer founded in 1977. THEY OWN Dynaudio. Maybe they should change the name to "Chinaudio" but of course they won’t as long as they can continue to trade on the popularity of the original brand name. This happens (and has) to many once great companies.

That they choose to manufacture in cheaper communist China is their decision to help THEIR bottom line, and so they can compete with all the other companies making $500 to $5000 speakers there.

Are they upholding the original quality? Maybe, maybe not. Heck, it might be BETTER.

I note that more than one consumer has had issues with woofers rattling on Dali (Danish Audio) Oberon 9 speakers ($1250 each) that were made in communist China. This has given me pause about buying them for sure.

If it bothers you, send them back, get a refund, and see what else is out there.

If it bothers you now, it will forever bother you, and be a lingering, festering issue, no matter how "good" you think they sound.

Or you could print out some "Made in Denmark" stickers and put them over the "Made in China" ones and call it a day. 


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@tablejockey  not sure I would classify the steel/ti/aluminum frame business in the US as boutique anymore. Like LPs, it seems to be having a resurgence of late, IMHO, even as some of the legends (Ted Wojcik, etc.) retire




Removes tongue from cheek

Do what u think is right! All of us will have a different answer, etc. 




  we own 2 pair of Energy RC-70 speakers. 1 pair made on china, other in Canada.

have switched them so many times, no difference in sound, had the drivers all pulled out to replace a crossovers on the Canadian pair.

Cabinets are the same, sealed woofs and tweeter, same!

 Both sound godlike, I will not part with them, unless in can get a pair of acoustic energy ae520, Or BIC Realta Venturi. B and w 800 series w 15” woof from mid 90’s, those had some wallop in the low end”

Hey....here's a list of companies you can avoid if MIC is that big a concern for you.
Granted it only represents 1% of American and other countries with business ties in China, but, it's a start.

All the best,