Dynaudio Special 25's

Just bought a pair and love them. Detailed dynamic good base... i could go on. I want to head down the upgrade path and would like some opinions. I have the NAD masters M5 cd player and M3 integrated and like them. I am looking for more dynamics and detail. What product lines would compliment these speakers and really make them sing? So far i am thinking about Mcintosh, Simaudio, Ayre or Bat- all locially available. If i had to change one item at a time where would you go first?
I have listened to the Dynaudio C-1's with the Simaudio I-7 integrated. They sounded fantastic together. I don't personally care for the Mac and BAT equipment, but that's just me.

What I would do if I were you is take the Special 25's to the dealers and listen to each of the four brands and decide for yourself.
I think with those speakers and you current electronic, anything from the companies you mentioned will be a solid upgarde.

Those are really good speakers and will sound that much better with solid electronics. I think you could be happy for a LONG time with the Sim i-5, 1-7, Arye, YBA Passion, Edge G3...

Good Luck and enjoy the hunt, John
I also have the special 25 and really enjoy them. They do not need lots of power, but they continue to seem to sound better and better with better quality amp and source. I really like my belles seperates but would really like to try the Mac 2275 integrated. I have also looked at the McIntosh 275 or belles 150. I have heard the Ayre and was very impresed with its detail, air, and musicality. The special 25 can be a little fast on the upper end but with carefull matching is not bright at all. I have not heard it with the Sim but I have heard many good reports.
I use Cary tube gear on my Dyn S5.4's and like the sound.
but I also heard that the SimAudio is also a nice match.
Hi Docrobbi,

I have the Dynaudio Special 25's on mass loaded Dynaudio stand 2's. I originally used the McIntosh C220 tube preamp and 275 amp with very nice results. I switched to the Ayre AX7-e Integrated amplifier, and CX7-e CD player and Ayre P5x-e phono preamp. After the switch I gained incredible detail, resolution and overall superb musical presentation.

I have owned many systems since 1971, this one is a keeper!

Good Luck to You!
Dyn dealer here, I'll chime in. The NAD Masters is a very good mate with the Dyn monitors like the C1 and Special 25. This is a very popular combo outside of the US and they often show together. The Masters are starting to make waves here as well.

You say you would like more "dynamics and detail", but has there been any attention given to setup, positioning, or acoustical treatment? Not that it will help necessarily, but it should at least be considered.

The best I can give you is go with as high current of an amplifier you can afford. I prefer a high current amp with the C1's and Special 25's as it helps when listening at low to moderate volume levels. I use the Parasound Halo monoblocks and love how it sounds with my C1's.

Separates would be the way I would go, but if you have your heart set on an integrated. The NAD Masters sure isn't a bad combo. Other combos to consider would the Simaudio i-7 or Musical Fidelity A5.