Pass Labs XA30.8 for Dynaudio C1 Platinum

I haven't had the privilege to listen to any Pass labs equipment, but I've been eyeing the possibility of trying out the "lower" powered class A amp(s) and possibility even a line preamplifier from them. My current amp is an Anthem Statement P2 with gobs of power, so I'm not sure what to expect with an XA30.8 that's conservatively rated around 60 watts in 4 ohm loads. Anyone have first hand knowledge with any of the class A amps in regards to powering "not so efficient" loudspeakers care to chime in? Thanks!


Stop looking at specs. The Speaker efficiency is not as important as sound, Your not looking at a 30w tube amp. An amp like XA30.8 as plenty of room to support a speaker with 85db Sensitivity.

Some specs worth consideration with this question.

How is sensitivity measured?

What is impedance across frequency range (lowest value?) ?

What is room size?

At what maximum volume do you listen?

What is your room size?

I own the XA30.8 and I’m pretty sure it would have no problems driving your Dynaudio C1 speakers in the small to medium size room.
It has no issues driving the Martin Logan Montis where the panel impedance could drop under 1ohm. I doubt the Dyns are that unstable.  

The amp also pairs amazingly well with XP-12 preamplifier. 

Medium sized room but that really isn't the issue I have any concern over. I'm more or less interested in the output capabilities of the xa30.8. All too often I read that dynes like lots of power so I don't exactly want an amplifier to run out of steam. Which is why I posted this on agon. Thanks for the replies everyone, I appreciate it.

I use a Pass XA25 with my Dynaudio Heritage Specials, which are an 85db, 4 ohm load. The 25 watt Pass drives them very capably.

Few things - 

1. It’s not the quantity of the watts, it’s the quality. There’s no doubt about quality of power this amplifier delivers. 

2. The XA30.8 will put out over 100w into 4ohms. But you will most likely hardly push it there in the medium sized room. Should be no issues when it happens. 


That's basically what I was thinking, but I learned long ago at an early stage in the audio hobby its better to overbuild a system as opposed to under estimate. Ideally I'd love to try the xa60.8 monoblocks, but I have a feeling they'd be a bit out of budget, and also at that point start to worry about power requirements for the rest of my equipment without having to make drastic changes. 

I was worried when I bought the XA30.8 that it wouldn’t be enough but took the chance. I don’t regret it. I love the Pass sound and this amp delivers. 

I will be trying it hopefully soon with a pair of dynamic speakers with similar specs as your Dynaudios. I can report back if I don’t forget.

I own a Pass XA 30.8 driving B&W 805 D3 speakers rated around 86 dB sensitivity. Have a PS Audio BHK preamp driving the Pass XA 30.8. Normal listening is with the BHK volume at 30 to 40%. Volume at 60% will drive you from the room. No clipping at all.



gareents thanks for the reply. I think I've seen more than enough evidence from users such as yourself that the xa30.8 would be fine for my current set of speakers. I guess the rest depends on just pulling the trigger and wanting to spend the funds. Pretty crazy economy right now!