Dynavector Karat or Grado Statement Reference 1

I have been using Dynavector's 17D3 MkII on my VPI Classic TT (w/Krell, amp,pre,ref phono-B&W 802N) but have read the Grado is very musical in the midrange without loss in the high or low frequency. I read Harry of VPI swears by the Sonata but I would be willing to spend double possibly for my system. The Dynavector is a $1K acrtridge with great sound and reviews. Would The Grado be an improvement or am I possibly taking step backward?
Are you happy with the Dynavector? That's the question you should be asking. If you want to try the Grado - which throughout the line is noted for outstanding midrange and lush bass, go for it. You will have no problem selling the loser in your competition - they are both well regarded cartridges and rarely last long on the used market. But, if you are really happy with the Dynavector, use the money to buy some music! Best of luck in your quest.
I am always very unimpressed when the best thing you can say about anything in our hobby is that amorphous ameoba of a descriptor, called musical. I would avoid it based on that alone. For crying out tears, when you play a music record, what you hear better be music, and the equipment that made it possible is then, by any measure, musical. Therefore I would look for more useful descriptive terms before making a decision on trying a new expensive cartridge.
I like my Dynevector for the following reasons. In my system it plays the whole frequecy range well and in the tonal balance that it was meant to. It has clear sharply demarcated attack when called for and lingering decay when thats what it is asked of it. It is stunningly dynamic going from dead silence to high SPLs very quickly. It appears to add no coloration i.e. the tone is fairly neutral allowing the rest of my gear to have more of an impact in that regard. It reproduces the micro dynamics and fine details particularily well.
I own a much less MM grado which I won't describe to be fair because they are not comparable.
I know the term musical is used loosely but I was interpreting it as more involving to draw you in. I am really very happy with the Dynavector and have been at that level for a few years now. I agree it will do most everything correctly for my system and I have been buying and listening to quite a few albums lately so I was questioning if I might find a jewel in the rough by trying the Grado's. I love deep bass and dynamics with impact galore and that shows in my choice of my Krell/B&W system. I read one review where they thought the Grado Statement 1 $3K outperformed the Dynavector XV-1S and Koetsu Rosewood Signature so I thought why not give the Grado's a try again. I really don't have the extra money but if it will better the Karat then I would for the coming winter months of enjoyment. I realize that I could probably resell it if it was not my cup of tea but thought I should ask here first. Thanks to the previous two posts for the great advice.
Is the Grado known to have the hum issue with VPI's or in general due to lack of isolation? I didn't know the Dynavector's were beter isolated but it is looking like I will just be content and keep using it.
In my limited experience, there are few things more variable than our perceptions of which cartridges are winners and losers. Written reviews can give you a general idea of how they'll likely sound, but be prepared for surprises. FWIW, I'd used a Grado Sonata for a while in my VPI Scout and was generally happy (no hum at all.) However, when I tried a Garrott Optim FGS, there was no contest as to the superiority of that pairing. When the Scout departed and an Acoustic Signature Final Tool replaced it, the tonal balance and increased resolution of the new table made the Optim sound a little too tipped up for my tastes. The Grado made for a better balance to my ears with this table. But someone who prefers a brighter sound might feel differently, who knows? For most of us without a circle of audiophile friends able to loan us a cartridge, the only way to find out is buy a cartridge and give it a try.
they only hum with the Classic, because of where/how the motor is mounted. I am guessing you have the same problem with the Grado anywhere (Direct Drive) where the motor is part of the plinth.

That said, they still sound great, you just need to tolerate the hum.

Soundsmith is what was suggested to me as a replacement, due the similar sonic charecter to the Grado, but it is an extremely well shielded cartridge.
Well I decided to buy a Dynavector XX2 mkII instead. I got a really good deal and could resell it if need be. I have really enjoyed the 17D3 Karat to this point so this should match everything really well. I will see then and probably sell the Karat shortly if that is the case. The hum issue did concern me so thanks for the input.