Dynavector XX-2 MK2 vs Shelter 901 MK2

I have upgraded my Clearaudio Concept to Performance DC with Concerto V2 cartridge but I find it sounding bright with vocal sibilance on some of my vinyl collection. Set my phono preamp to 25ohm to tame the brightness. I triple check all my alignment, tried different positions to no avail. I am using the Clearaudio Alignment gauge which I tried the Clearaudio recommended and the IEC standard. Seems like I hit the dead end so I decided to try a much warmer cartridge either the Dynavector XX-2 MK2 or the Shelter 900 MK2. I listen to all genre except classical but mostly rock.

If you have experience on either or even better, on both cartridge please advise.
Have you played with VTA?

I think the Dynavector XX-2 MK2 is one of the best $2K cartridge around. It does everything well, but excels at rock.
I never thought the Dynevector XX-2 MK2 was considered a warm cartridge. I am curious to learn what others say. I don't know what has changed with the new editions. I like Dynevectors a lot and think most of the better models would be great with rock, but personal preferences are really just that, preferences.
I agree with both Brf and Mechans. The Dynavector XX-2 mk II is an excellent rock cartridge, very dynamic and powerful, yet no too bright. However, I would not say it is warm either. I haven't heard the Shelter.

A cartridge in that price range which could be considered a bit warmer sounding that the Dynavector would be the Ortofon Cadenza Bronze or Sumiko Celebration II.
A wood body Benz or Koetsu Black would be warmer still.
All the previous advice is spot-on, especially Brf's comment regarding VTA. I love my DV - neutral, balanced and very rewarding when properly set up. Let us know what you decide and good luck!
I have been using a Dynavector XX2MKII now for almost ten years, had to have a Soundsmith retip, I used it so much.

Having never owned a Shelter cartridge, I can't comment on them. The XX2MKII I have always set the loading at either 500 or 1000 Ohms, if that tells you anything.

This cartridge will give a great deal of detail, slam, and just musical greatness, and it will reveal any set-up errors just as well.

I've been using a MintLP protractor for alignment, and a Fosgometer for azimuth.

I don't know if this is helpful, but it's something.

Good luck, regards,
Hey Brf,

I did all I can with VTA by raising and lowering the arm. I find the lowest weakens the sibilance but its still there.
Hey Jmcgrogan2,

I read some reviews on Koetsu, It is warmer but rolling off on the bass which I wouldn't want to sacrifice specially with rock music. The review said the higher you go with Koetsu then you'll get better bass. Sadly it is over my budget.

Thank you everyone for pointing me to Dynavector direction.
FWIW your problem with vocal sibilance may not be a cartridge issue. Clean reproduction requires pristine electronics too. Especially the power supplies.

I've owned both a Shelter 901 and 9000. An elliptical stylus has more trouble tracing vocal sibilance accurately than more radical geometries. I'm currently using a Soundsmith Sussurro. Peter's prototype actually, and it hands down beats the pants off the Shelters.
Hey John_tracy,

I forgot to mention I'm using a clarify tonearm. Using Mcintosh C48 MC phono stage. I'm not sure what you mean by pristine electronics. To some, Bose is pristine lol
AT the level of price and performance of cartridges like the XX-2, it is a matter of personal taste and system matching and is not a matter of inherent superiority of one cartridge vs. another. I have a friend who traded in a Transfiguration Orpheus for the XX-2 because he tried it in his system and liked it. The Orpheus cost more than twice as much.
It sounds like your cartridge is new. Let it live for a month or 2 before tossing it. Remember that any adjustment on your arm will affect all the other adjustments ....they have to be rechecked and modified. Your description sounds like an adjustment error, not a cartridge fault.

That is what I thought before. Did took pictures and videos of all my adjustments and sent it to Musical Surrounding. I wanted to see if there was something I missed. They said everything looks spot on that's why I got my replacement. Realignment of cartridge is done everytime the arm is raised or lowered. Will the vocal sibilance disappear as the cartridge gets older?
Yes I did. Mike is an awesome dude. He is the one who assisted me on this. He said everything checked out so he replaced my cartridge.