Effect of Humidity on Speakers

Should I be concerned at all about buying used speakers which have been located in a humid climate, ie florida etc.

What type speaker, Dynamic?, Planar?, Electrostat?, age?,
were they in constant use? In Storage? You get the idea.
Hey, I live in Florida, we have air conditioning down here. That keeps the indoor humidity at around 55% in the wet and sticky season, it's less in the cooler times. Besides, most speakers are impregnated with some sort of material which renders them impervious to moisture. I'd worry much more about speakers from areas with high ozone, that rots foam speaker surrounds faster. The surround is more likely to deteriorate than the cone in my experience.
Dynamic, in use, 1-4 years old, small floorstanders.

While i generally assume people on this site are meticulous about their equipment, some may not necessarily run air conditioning all of the time in certain months and I have could find nothing addressing this question.

I do appreciate the input and have had only good results buying used equipment so far.
Heat will keep the moisture away. Run your stereo often and enjoy the music, it's good for the electronics too.
Since most all transducers are produced out of the US in far more humid climates.They are designed to handle this. I would worry more about cabinet damage mold mildew etc or if they have any pests inside cabinets bedbugs roches spiders etc.I once had a vintage klipsch horn shiped from florida it was loaded with spiders lots of big ugly ones most where dead but a few still had life even after the shipping and it was winter.