Einstein OTL amps experience

There's been lots of talk about Einstein preamps but has anyone used the OTL amps and with what speakers.
My only experience with the Einstein OTL's has been at the show on Acapella speakers. In that set up, they are extremely resolving, transparent and seem to have more than enough power to drive the speakers. As you might expect, the amps sound similar to the preamp. As with any other OTL, you must choose a speaker that has the proper efficiency and resistance to interface best with these amps. Closest sonically are the discontinued Tenors.
I am expecting a set of Einstein Mk 60 amps to arrive on Friday along with the Einstein pre. I am using Acapella High Campanile speakers.
My current amps are Atmasphere MA1 mk 3 with Supratek Grange pre.
This will end up as a personal shoot out between OTL amps and 2 great pres.
I have an Einstein phono stage on order but it is back ordered for now.
That will be the true test for me as I am mostly into analog. For now I will use both preamps. The amps will go in the system for some time prior to the pre. I am use to the Grange so I can make a fair comparison of the amps before I install the Einstein pre.
I have been told that the Acapella Campanile speakers are voiced at the factory using the Einstein amps so it should be a good match. ONTH the MA1 amps have twice the power. We shall see.
BTW anyone in the So. Florida area is invited to hear this system. Just send me an E mail to set it up.
Hey DocS. As an A/sphere MP-1/M60 owner running them on Duos, I can only say that I wished I lived in S Fla. to be on hand for this most interesting sounding shootout. Please keep us posted. I think the worst possible outcome will be a great one.
I forgot to mention that the amp portion of this shoot-out will also include a set of EAR 519 push pull 100W tube amps and a set of Bryston 7BST high power ss amps. I will include these in the game for overall evaluation of power requirements etc.
BTW for another little shoot-out I will be comparing tonearms on my Galibier table set up for two arms using Schroeder Reference SQ and a Tri-planar VII.
Two carts will be used. A Dynavector XV1-s and a VDH black beauty.
The next several weeks should be fun.
It is possible I am mistaken here but to be exact my Atma-sphere amps are Ma1 Mk 2 Silver edition upgraded at the factory with power supply boost and Caddack resistor package. I thought the upgrade brought the amps to mk 3 status as well except for the auto bias which I really had no interest in having. BTW the improvement is much more that subtle after the upgrades and tube life and reliability has been improved beyond what I thought possible. I use to drive stats with the amps and they sounded great but the difficult load caused what I would term premature tube failure. Once the mods were completed I had no tube failure even when driving the same stats. It has been about 1.5 years since the upgrade and I have not had to replace a tube. The load with the Acapella speakers is much more benign.
Hey DocSavage, can we get an update on the results of the shootout?

I love the OTL sound and am interested in hearing anything more about Einstein amps.