Audiophile Music Cd's besides Baby Einstein?

I am looking for some reccommendations of Audiophile Quality Baby Classical CD's I'm not into classical but would like to get my new boy Listening. I have the baby einstein collection. The sound quality is fair. Any titles I should get for my Baby boy? (He's only 13 days old Daddy needs a reason to take him to the sound room. :)
I don't have any reccomendations for you, but that's very, very sweet! Good luck with the little one, and make sure he doesn't poke your tweeter.
My baby at the time (she's 16 now) loved classic rock.
She use to bounce on her butt and clap whenever I played tunes.(like I did at concerts) :~)
Your baby at just over 2 weeks old wont being doing any bouncing but in time you will see a very positive reaction he has to music.
I'd say 'play what daddy likes'
BTW,my daughter hates classic rock/modern rock now.
She's a hip-hopper.

Congratulations on your new addition -- even better than a new pre-amp! :-)

I don't have a recommendation on a specific recording, but our daughter always loved Saint-Saens "Carnival of the Animals" when she was young. Another great primer for young people to gain appreciation of classical music is the soundtrack to "Fantasia" (and it's not a bad recording either). Someday he can watch the movie with you, too.

Have fun.
Try this one. It's not classical, but you both will love it: Jason Falkner "Bedtime with the Beatles"

--very soothing lullaby versions of Beatle tunes.
They make it with two cover options: pink and blue. is excellent and enjoyable for all at this stage. Something that is played over and over again will become very memorable to both the child and parents and invoke many pleasant memories. Of all the "children music" I have tried, the following remain family favorites. They have very nice sonics and are very well chosen compilations. Classical: Mozart for Mommies and Daddies International: Welcoming Children Into the World
Congradulations, I have the same situation, my daughter is going to be 4 months old. We also have the baby einstin both the audio and the dvd version. In addition, we also listen to a well recorded, light vocal, mostly piano xrcd, the female singer is koi kam title "Chance", it is in MANDARIN though. But it has the best piano recordings I have heard so far. A must have for audiophile IMO.

Forget the audiophile stuff, My son likes the toy dolls nellie the elephant and the dickies banana splits songs. But he loves looking at sterophile and pointing out all the speakers while we are listening.
We also went with the baby Einstein stuff but found our son choose The Beatles as he got older. He is about 7 now and still loves The Beatles. By the way, he also loves jazz.
My daughter (now 14 months) loves The Wiggles CD's and DVD's.

Oddly, at about 4-6 months she really started digging Jimmy Buffet and anything else with a perky - but not too hard or fast - beat.

Congratulations, and have fun with that scrapping young boy! :)
My daughter is 6 months old now. Alison Krauss is her favorite. Mom and I wonder if it's 'cause of how much we played the 2 disc live albume when she was in the womb. No matter how crabby or tired she is, if we put the concert DVD on - man it's like magic....her head snaps towards the stage and no more cryin! Amazing. She seems to like other bluegrass too like her Daddy, but nothing even close to AKUS.