EL34 SED, Black Sable or Genelex Gold Lion?

I am currently using the new production EL34 SED, bought from tubedepot.com, and are very pleased with the result in my Manley Snappers. However, I am curious and still searching after new constellations of tubes in my amps. It is part of the fun. And here is my question:

Have anyone compared the EL34 SED with the Black Sable edition of the same tube?

And, how is EL34 Black Sable compared to the Genalex Gold Lion KT77? (almost the same price)

Any experience with these tubes?
If the Black Sable is just the Cryo'd version it ain't worth the cost over the stock SED..The cryo'd version is a touch warmer and less transparent ( in my Thor Mono's ) and at twice the cost...I'll stick with the Stock SED El34.
Thorman: it is valueable that you write down your experience with Black Sable. It gives me some perspective on a rather expensive tube.
My eperience ( my system ) with the SED Cryo'd El34 is that they do not sound the same ( or as good ) as the stock SED El34..Point being they sound warmer ( quite a bit ) and not quite as much air..If you need more warmth,thats a different story,but if you systems tone is where you want it, the Cryo'd El34 would not worth the extra fee.. Some tubes do sound better after Cryo treatment but my experiance the SED El 34 isn't one of them..Keep in mind this is to my ears and my system..

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Thanks Thorman. Your descriptions is exactly what I am after. What about Genelex Gold Lion compared to SED, anyone?
Musicophile : Check with ( Search ) Jim McShane tubes ..Jim has a great reputation for his tube Knowledge and Selling and sells both tubes your are interested in... From what I can gather the Genelex G/Lion is a more Linear ( or more neutral ) tube than the Stock SED EL34 ...So its always kinda what " Tone " you are looking for..I have treid quite a few EL34 ( have not tried Genelex yet ) quads and always come back to SED.......Good Luck..Hope that helps..
Anyone compared the Golden Lion to the Siemens EL34? Is the Siemens more detailed? Tried to post this 2 times already but the system seems weird.
I know this is a post about specific brands but I do not want to start another thread so close in nature to this one, can anyone offer their experiences with the EH EL34's or TAD EL34's compared to these tubes. I am getting to roll some tubes in my Aesthetix IO power supply? The EH sound fine with the other tubes I have rolled in other components in my system.

Thank you.
For what it is worth, I run both the SED C EL34 and the Gen G. Lion KT-77 in my Canary CA 160 and my preference hands down is the Gen Gold Lion KT77. The highs and the bass are much more authoritative and cleaner.
Ajackson1, thanks, I am looking for something a little faster and cleaner than the SED for my current setup.

Any comparison on the G. Lion vs the Siemens, or another tube recommendations?
I have spent the better part of a year trying different EL34's in my amp. SED nice midrange, but a little too rolled off in the highs for my taste. Siemens better highs and bass, maybe a little dry sounding though. Gold Lion KT-77's wow. I 've been using these for about a month now. The midrange is as good as the SED tubes, the highs are somewhere between the SED and Siemens. But the bass is on another level. This is by far the best EL-34 tube i've heard that I can afford.
Tommy, thanks for your description. I read your post and did some more reading on the KT77 and it sounds like a great tube.
You mention the highs on the KT77 being between the SED and the Siemens. Does this mean the Siemens had more detailed highs? I get what you say about dry, but IME that is sometimes an amp/speaker match.

Can you pick a winner based on clarity and detail? Lets just say that I'm not at all worried about brightness, but don't want totally clinical either. Would you still go for the GL KT77?

Thanks so much for your input.
Also, which has a deeper 3 dimensional soundstage, the Siemens or the Golden Lion?

I think the Siemens will give you what ever 3D is in the recording, no more no less - if you are after that quality. Since you can't really control the recordings, I would focus more on your speakers and placement than relying on a tube to give you that - tube "3d" would be marginal compared with these other factors. The Siemens happens to be my favourite tube, and is very long-lasting and reliable, especially if you buy from Roger Modjeski at RAM Labs - he also has competitive pricing on that tube. But, I have no problems whatsoever, enjoying the SED EL34s I bought from Jim McShane. In other words, they are both good tubes that should work well in most amps using EL34s.
I would say if you want clarity and detail go with the Siemens or the Gold Lions. I feel that the SED gives a softer overall sound than the other two. Between the other two in my system, i've found the Gold lions to have touch softer sound in the high end. But the bass seems to go a little lower, with better weight. They are both nice tubes and I could be happy with either one. For now i'm keeping the Gold Lions in my amp.
Seems like the GGL KT77 might be the tube of choice. Can the KT77 be used in an amp that runs in either ultralinear or triode, like the VAC Avatar or the Manley amps? I thought I saw somewhere that it is designed for ultralinear use. This confused me because I've also read it's a drop in replacement for the EL34.

Thanks so much for the help.
My amp is a Dynaco ST-70, but it is wired in triode. The guy who built my amp(Will Vincent) sent it wih JJ KT-77's. But all three of the tubes mentioned in this tread blow the JJ's away.
the KT77 works on in my amp in either modes, not sure why a mode will make a diff, but I may be wrong.
Talked to a tube guy named Jim about it and he says they will be fine. I'm going to give them a try. Will post follow up. Thanks again for the support guys.