Electrocompaniet owners

I have owned and enjoyed Electrocompaniet's EMC-1 CD player for the past 2 years. I love the looks, build quality and especially the sound quality. I am considering buying either Electrocompaniet's seperates or one of their integrated amps. Who out there owns their seperates or integrated amps and uses them with EMC-1 CD player?
We are not talking about warranty - we are talking about service. Mcintosh will help you or audioclassics will help you get a unit fixed no matter where you bought it. I like EC products and as long as they working you are fine. When they break -- look out. This is experience talking not some guy thinking if you like it buy it.
All of what has been posted is accurate. While Electro has been around for 30+ years, they have historically been slow and/or uncaring about after sales service. It is both a combination of cultural differences between the US and Norway and the way the company has always been privately funded and managed. The CD player is great. The old 25 and 60 watt amps were the better amps. Their pre amps have always had problems.

MAS Imports were one of the best importers (now Camelot Technologies) and if they gave up, then think twice about Electro separates.

Stick with your Bel(great amp)and take the time to listen to and select a preamp that does what you want it to. Maybe you need to repost your thread and focus on recommendations for a new preamp. I have gone passive, and have not paid much attention to preamps for some time. But, I have listend to the following and like what I have heard. I am also familar with your amp. Consider CJ, BAT, Sonic Frontier, 47 Labs and Manley. Good luck.
The only way to get Electrocompaniet to care about their customers and improve on their service, is to stop buying their products. This does the job most of the time, in the business world. I don't care how good their CDP is, how cheap it can be bought; if the service is poor I'm going elsewhere. Which I have done.
Electrocompaniets current wowes with customers isn't something new to them. Years ago customers complained of amps "blowing up". I'm hesitant to repeat "rumours" but the reason "rumoured" for the past problems was blamed on a distributor who took it on himself to "moddify" the amps by removing some protection circuitry in an effort to improve the sound. I have always liked Electrocompaniets stuff, though it really isn't to my particular taste. I always thought of their stuff as being a poor man's Mark Levinson. There seems to be a place for something like that. Untill the current debacle with Subaruguy is cleared up in a satisfactory and expediant manner I can no longer recommend their stuff. Damn shame that an other wise legitimate company suffers because they can't get their distributors in line. Buy Electrocompaniet at your own risk!