Elrod Statement Gold Owners Please

Does the performance of this cable justify the price? It has been referred to as a component cable as it well should considering it's retail price tag.Just curious as to how owners feel about this cord.
I cannot imagine it Frank. I dismantled an EPS once and it did not have over $200 of parts in it and considering the cost of the connectors.....
It certainly worked for me. Really stepped my system up several levels
I have one on amp and pre.
I started with two Elrod Statement Golds; on my amp and CD player. I was impressed enough to buy a third one for the power re-generator. The old Statements are excellent power cords, but the Gold version is a significant improvement. For my detailed impressions about the Golds and how they compare to the old Statements, see my review: http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?fcabl&1243482931
I just got my first Elrod Gold Statement! I suppose by saying "first" you alreay know what I think, nevertheless, here are some more details!

I have tried a fair number of Power cords, for example: Shunyata Taipan/Python/Anaconda/AnacondaVX/Virtual Dynamics Master LTD/ BMI Hammerhead Gold Mkiv/ BMI Oceanic/Argento Flow Master reference/MIT/Cardas/Isoclean Super Focus and Isoclean Supreme Focus and Running springs Crown Jewel............. These come to mind, I'm sure there were others!

Bottom line....... the Isoclean Supreme Focus was the best for me. The Supreme Focus was in a different league than the rest, although I did like the BMI, and the HZ Crown Jewel has it's place as well. I still have a great respect for the Isoclean Supreme Focus, I will still take it anywhere and put it up against anything.

That said, the Elrod Gold Statement makes my Isoclean Supreme Focus sound "dated". I have only had the power cord a week or so, and I am told by others with the Elrod that it gets MUCH better! To be specific, with one Elrod in the system, I have better detail, soundstage, palpability (meat on the bone), better piano, better drums.

When assessing "value" in high end audio, nothing makes sense! The prices that are charged for some of this gear is ridiculous, period! However, all things in perspective, I think the Elrod is equivalent to a component upgrade. Mind you the rest of the system has to be "there" to appreciate what the Elrod can do for you! I really don't think the Elrod is going to turn a Tandy Radio Shack receiver into Dartzeel separates, but if you have very good gear, it will make it great gear, and it will be your last power cord.
In my system, the Elrod Statement Gold PCs are also tantamount to a full component upgrade. Putting in the first brought everything Shane is talking about and more in terms of realism, energy and imaging. The overall effect would take alot more than I have time to write to describe fully but suffice it to say the difference is an eye opener. Every instrument, every voice, etc....is just that much more real...With other Elrod PCs on select equipment, I've been able to experience even more of this across my entire system....
My experience has been very similar to that of Puremusic, Zephyr, and Bullot. I had used Elrod cords for years, and was very shocked at how much better the Statement Gold was. It is shocking how expensive they are too. My sense of that changed dramatically once I heard what the cord could do, though.
I'll add another very positive testamonial to the above. I have tried a lot of power cords, too, and had my system outfitted entirely with Elrod Statements in the end. I tried my first Gold a year and a half ago, and it was a profound system improvement, feeding my power conditioner.

I have since added a second Gold feeding the preamp, and it raised the system performance considerably again, although not as much as the first one did on the power conditioner.

Now I am actually contemplating trying a Diamond on the conditioner, and shifting the freed up Gold to the amp or the CD player, whichever one proves to bring the greatest improvement. The costs are obscene, but the performance in the Gold is definitely there, and if the Diamond also delivers commensurately, that would be fantastic. (A couple folks with broad experience and reliable ears have asserted so to me.)

So, I clearly think they are worth it - - just like a component upgrade. (Come to think of it, it was kind of like when I stepped up to the VAC Renaissance Sig. preamp - - a big improvement in all the ways detailed in other comments above.)

I do suspect that the better one's connected components are, the more worthwhile and evident the value of the Golds will be.
Jfz and Jbrrp1: Thanks for the feedback. I know of one audiophile who recently tried a new Gold Statement X2 and two audiophiles who have the Diamonds. In both cases they rave about 'the final bits' of performance improvements over the most recent Gold Statement PCs. For me, I cannot go to the X2 and even more so, the Diamonds, but it's nice to dream! The great thing about the latest Gold Statement PCs is that I don't have the feeling I am missing anything as what I hear out of my system is well beyond any expectation I ever had.

The comment about Elrod cables being equivalent to a component upgrade is right on the money. After years of trying many things, my best advice is to get to the point where you know your system extremely well and are very happy with it having the best components you can muster. Once you know what you have well, adding Elrod's cables is an amazing experience as (for me) it showed me just what my speakers and components were capable of after I was already extremely happy with them.

Two in particular stand out for me namely, my speaker's performance with Elrod Sig. Gold speaker cables, and that of my pre-amp. As incredible as the PC upgrades on my DAC and amp have been, nothing prepared me for the treat of hearing a pre-amp I love (Esoteric C-03,) imbued with tube pre-amp like qualities thanks to the Gold Statement PC.

The same comments hold for the Gold Statement XLR interconnects; after years of bouncing around various mid to very high-end interconnects, I can tell you that to my ears there is something very special happening with Elrod interconnects...

Elrod cables are well worth the wait...once you have them, you'll not be looking for anything else! All of this is of course, an audio-nut's opinion!
Hi,I started with M.I.T. for years then went to NBS then to Nordost Vahalla then Virtual Dyanmics then Transparent Opus and finally discovered Elrod.Started with Gold Statements and now my system is pretty much all Diamond cabled.
Of all the things I might change in the future the one thing I will not take out is the Elrod cabling,unless Elrod upgrades his own line.It is the finest cable on the market.

I can definitely identify with what Strapper is saying about trying many different options for cabling over the years and finding Elrod cables; furthermore I can side with the idea and emotion of not ever taking Elrod cables out of my system (unless upgrades to other Elrod cables occur)! The words "destination configuration" now have meaning :-)
having just added 1- 'Statement Gold' pc to my system..on my PS Audio P-10...i can say that it has significantly increased my enjoyment. i am now able to hear much farther into each disc / computer track..then before. all frequencies improve and the bass is much tighter and faster..i wish they weren't so heavy as i would love to try 1 on my PWD and my Meitner player but my system is vertically oriented and the Elrod would pull the gear off their decouplers..i also can't try them on my SET's as the lt amp is too close to the P-10 to make the turn..oh well...one is great..
I see you use High Fidelity CT-1 interconnect and HiDiamond interconnect. Which one do you like better.
Hic..i do not have the HiDiamond interconnects...just the HD 3 powercables...x 3...the CT-1s are great.recent review on the Dagogo website..
Calloway,...my system is vertically setup as well; I've found a few useful techniques to balancing the mass of the Elrod cables. If you want, sent me a message using Audiogon Inbox system and we can get together via phone to discuss or at least get you some pics via email to show you how I manage this challenge...
Zephyr24069...thanks for the thought but, unfortunately, my vertical system is enclosed in an entertainment system that does not allow for much room behind the individual shelves for a cable as large as the Elrod 'Gold 'to occupy the same space with the rest of the cables that necessarily have to be there too.. the drop from the top shelf is straight down and does not allow for any lateral deviation.thanks..dave
I've been enjoying a pair of Statement Golds for a few years, feeding a pair of high current tube monoblocks. They have been plugged directly into the wall outlets, but recently I got curious to try a power conditioner between the Statement Golds and the wall. I obtained a Shunyata Research Cyclops power conditioner for demo, but I was disappointed to find that the two outlets on the Cyclops are too close together to accept the oversized Statement Gold plugs.

Does anyone have any experience using the Statement Golds with a power conditioner to feed high current amps?
I'm using Statement Golds with a Pure Power 2000+. My entire system if plugges into it. By far, the best power "conditioner" I've ever heard. My amp is a Jeff Rowland 302.
Jfz: You were able to get a 2000+ unit from PP Canada that has no issues (humming, buzzing, etc....)?

I have a 2-year old 2000 unit from PP Canada and with the Elrod Statement Gold (latest gen) PC that I connect from the wall to the 2000, I get fantastic results! Multiple large Oyaide M1F1 connectors fit perfectly into the back of the 2000 unit without any issues with spacing whatsoever...