Emerald Physics and My System

Hi, I am awaiting arrival of the new CS2 speakers.
Any thoughts from current owners on my existing system of Arcam DV137 Universal, Copland Tube Preamp, Arcam FMJP35 for the highs and GamuT D200MK3 for the lows and how it will work with these great speakers? Does my source need work?

I assume these are a big jump from my B&W 704s when listening to the best DVD concerts out there.

The EPs are a very interesting and unique design. I would expect good things. I'd be curious to know your impressions once you get a flavor.

Congratulations on your purchase. You will know very soon if your source needs work, as the CS-2's are completely transparent to your up-stream components.

Is Clayton at EP adjusting the crossover to match the spec's of your two amps? If not, you may have a little fiddling to do there and they can talk you through it.

Mine sounded grainy/mechanical in the highs for a few hours (3-5 hrs) but that went away. And now, after +/- 400 hours they are as good as any speakers I have heard.

Last week I auditioned (for the second time) both TAD and B&W 802's, and I far prefer the life like sound of the CS-2's.

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