EMM "Versions"

As I cannot find a clear-cut answer in my search throughout the internet, are there different "versions" of the DCC2 and the CDSD from Ed?

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Really no different version except to say that with each production there is often what is called "rolling line changes"

Having said this however, the newest version of the CDSD has a plastic Philips transport as compared to the prior metal transport. The latter is no longer available. Also the newer version has a USB port in the back for making firmware upgrades.

The newer version of the DAC6e and the DCC2 also has Meitner's discrete DAC's rather than previously used DAC's as mandated by Sony. The discrete DAC's allow for upsampling (with the newest CDSD) to 2X DSD. In spite of this regular DSD sounds better.

Long and the short of it, regardless which model you have IMO it is the best digital source in the market today.
One final caveat which I forgot

The newer versions have a satin finish to the front panels whereas the earlier versions were somewhat polished.

Also the newer CDSD is lacking the symbols for DSD as well as SACD, none of which obviously have anything to do with the sonic reproduction.
I think most of the changes or "versions" have just been production run changes due to manufacturing circumstances rather than an actual "redesigned" or "improved" product.

Early DCC2 pieces have a black volume control knob, with later DCC2s having an all silver volume control knob that matches the front chassis finish. Other than that, I believe they are functionally and sonically identical.

Some CDSDs were made with an all metal transport tray and a different Philips transport than those currently in production. Apparently Philips changed transports and thus EMM had to change as well. The latest CDSDs have a plastic tray, USB port, and a more matte finish. The USB port allows for easy software upgrades.

I believe current DCC2s and CDSDs faceplates have a more matte finish as EMM had to change machine shops as well.

The above comments are only my understanding of some of the differences and may not be 100% accurate. I would try calling EMM Labs or a dealer for definitive answers.

In any event, I don't think there are any significant differences in terms of actual sound quality.
Oneobgyn and Fsarc,

Thank you for taking the time to write out your answers. It is much appreciated!

Hi All,

How can you tell the DCC2 is using the new Meitner's discrete DAC?

Also, with the new DAC, can you switch back to DSD? instead of 2X DSD?

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Can someone tell me where the hot AC should be on the DCC2?
On the back of the DCC2.

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The newest production runs have the discrete DAC's as best I understand it

yes of course you can switch from 1X DSD to 2X DSD and vv