End of the World system

So here's a question.   You and your loved ones are the last one's on earth. Your fully stocked with a cabin in the woods, renewable energy, and food for a life time.  The roads are out, and there's no place to get gas.

The remains of a high-end store are 20 miles away. What do you bring home, assuming you have to actually carry it back?
There's always gonna be those few who have to throw in their kranky-krabby 2 cents worth.  That being said,  I would bring back as many monitors as I could, a decent integrated and a cd player (and cables).  I'll already have my CDs, I would hope. 
That's really all you need, right?  
Portable player, some good IEM's and portable solar panel.  The whole rig fits in your pocket.  Let the  wife/sig other get her own.  Also, since we're living in "A Quite Place" you can listen to your tunes without having to worry.
I’d stick my big Ohm Walsh speakers out on the porch (goodbye room acoustics), crank em up, and play some Moody Blues. Maybe "Lost in a Lost World", "Blue World", "I Know You’re Out There Somewhere", maybe "Question" or "A Simple Game"........

You crybabies don’t worry about it. Nobody asked for your critique of the question.