endgame Amp for my Audiovector R3 Arrete

Hi all!

Before driving across Holland to do some listening sessions with my shortlist I was curious if anyone here has some experience with my shortlist of int Amps (in combination with Audiovector R3 would be nice)

These amps on my shortlist all carry the same pricetag more or less here in holland (14 / 15K euro)

Esoteric F03A
Accuphase E800
T+A PA 3100HV
Vitus Audio RI101 MK2

US brands are expensive here and hard on support, so no Pass Labs, Boulder etc.

After all my research online and some listening sessions with Dynaudio speakers I think Class A is nice/sweet so im learning toward the first two. The Accuphase has more power on paper (50) vs de 30 of the Esoteric. When it comes to looks I like the Esoteric much better.... not as bulky and I like silver better than champagne. I know this is about audio quality but I like to take looks a little bit into consideration as well ;-)

What would you advice as the price tag is similar access all four?

Thanks for your time!
Do not forget, Audiovector R3 Arreté , have AMT tweeters.
Depending on your room and your ears ,they may sound a bit bright  in the high frequencies.

If it is the case, a tube amplifier, should be on your list
( I own Audiovector R6 Arreté with a glare and bright issue )
Thanks for your reply and consideration! What amp do you use? Do you regret getting the R6? Or system matching issue?
Simaudio works very well with Audiovector and usually partner at the audio shows at least here in NA.
Not sure if a Canadian company will be any better trade wise. Know that Simaudio has distribution in Europe.
@Op I use Soulution 330 INT . Class A amplifier
Lumin X1 , 5.6 Mhz  DSD mode  : it is softer
Audiovector R6 Arreté have a very good bass , and midrange.
But , for my aging ears ; the high frequencies have too much presence with piano , flute .
I am working on room acoustic ( absortion pannels )
I have never had , these issues , with berillium tweeters.

I have been told that a tube amplifier would help.
Also, to put wool socks in front of the AMT tweeters. Not exited
about this one.

I read great things about Soulution and the R6 as well. Both well above my budget.

im really happy with the R3. Compared a lot to the Dynaudio contour 30i. 
Thanks for your valuable feedback 
Have you tried Benchmark amps? They are about 6000 euro and excellent performers.Alternatively, you could consider a Symphonic Line stereo amp: it’s wide bandwidth with excellent driving ability (a bit like the Soulution), without pronounced hi frequencies. There is a model called RG-7 which is excellent IMO
Some time ago I listened to an Audiovector 6 driven by a SL Kraft class A amp and the result was very (astonishingly!) enjoyable; palpable dynamics without a jarring hi-end. Of course that was just my experience
SL Kraft and benchmark are unknown to me. The website of SL Kraft doesn’t give a great impression but that doesn’t say anything when it comes to sound of course 

thanks for all the advice, homework for me!
I’d be really interested in your findings on the amp. I recently got some R3 Arretes as well and I’m currently using an old Icon valve poweramp with them which sounds pretty nice. I’m researching upgrade possibilities, around the £10-12k mark. I’ve just auditioned an Audia Flight FLS4 but found the sound a bit thin after full valves. Currently looking at Luxman, Audio Research and Art Audio
I've heard the T+A with Audio Vector (a couple of the R series speakers) at a local dealer quite a bit. Sounds great and I love the way the T+A looks. I don't think you can go wrong with it but give it a try to see if it's your preference. 
Thanks, I hadn’t thought of T+A. I’ll try and find a dealer I can audition one with