Energy Veritas 2.1 sound too lean

I recently purchased a pair of Veritas 2.1 monitors and have reached the recommended 100 hour break-in period.
Overall the speakers sound great except for male vocalists who sound quite lean and slightly to the rear of the soundstage. I'm playing CD's through my Creek integrated amp sound which normally sounds fuller and more robust on my old mini-monitors. I can't seem to get the timbre and/or harmonics that I think these speakers should reproduce with male voices.
Anyone else have a similar problem? Possible solutions?
It sounds like an electrical supply disturbance. With all these Christmas lights going everywhere, it has caused all our systems to temporary sounded lean and tinny sounding. Everything should return to normal shortly. Seriously, I think you need a longer break-in period before making any possible future adjustments...
Energy speakers are clean, clinical. They are not warm at all. I also believe the Creek amp tends to the brighter side. So your problem may be one of systems matching. Before you do anything though, break-in the Energy loudspeakers which takes at least 100 hours. If the sound is till not to your liking try different amps.
GIve tube power a try...a nice round midrange would give the Energys some needed weight and warmth...Jolida comes to mind....
Are they on stands? the stands must have sand
in them. I put sand in my stands & they are a
totally different speaker. They were just like
you described before the sand.

Well, I've tried 3 different CD players, amps, cables, different rooms, stands, reverse phase, resistors on the tweeters, still burning these babies in 10 hours a day while I'm at work and though they do have a full range including some real nice bass for bookshelf speakers, the doggone male voices still sound bright and horns sound sizzly. I have't tried the "warm" tube amp yet but these things may have to go back to the dealer next week. Any further thoughts and tweaks before the FedEx man arrives?
Guess what? I've been burning these 2.1's everyday for the last week and they're actually starting to sound better.
I think Hoggshead knows what he's talking about! These Veritas 2.1's need a lot more than 100 hours before they give you a glimpse of how good they can be. Still experimenting with more cables and a 4th CD player, but I managed to get them to sound pretty close to how they sounded at the dealers shop, so I might not ship 'em back afterall.
Edg2, I break in all my speakers like this..and it them on the floor with the grills facing each other, and place them very, very close together and put one of the speakers out of phase...then place some pillows over the top and sides.. and let it rip...really does a hell of a job..IMHO
Recently bought a couple of interconnects which are very good sounding especially given the price paid. has Tara Labs Prism 33i 1/2m and 1 1/2m on sale @ half off retail. Cables will make the difference. Hope you find the right combination to go w/your system. Bill
Tunes4me is exactly right on the breakin process - 12 or 24 hours of that breakin process has given me amazing results. But he forgot to mention that you need, for best results, a mono recording or a mono switch on your amp or source. And, be CAREFUL. Since the sounds will cancel out, you need to be careful as to how loud you drive the speakers. You can certainly play them much louder than perhaps you normally would at home but don't drive them to damage. What I do is experiement with volume settings prior to setting up the breakin process.

Yes, new speakers sound lean, especially metal drivers.