Enhancing my B&W 683s

I was experimenting this evening to see how I could enhance the midrange and higher frequencies of my B&W 683s. Don't get me wrong, they're fabulous but you know how this hobby goes. Always looking for improvement. I'm driving them with a powerful Rotel multi-channel amp so it's not that. I took my Monitor Audio BR1s and placed them on top of the 683s. I unbiwired the 683s running one pair to each BR1. I then played some great Carly Simon tunes and I have to say her voice and sound stage did improve, more in my face with more detail. Has anyone else done something similar with their floor mount speakers and kept it in place? Any drawbacks with this?
I ran into a similar situation when I owned the 683 S1. I did modify mine a bit but nothing extravagant. I replaced all the internal wiring with Transparent Audio's 14/2 cable, took out the stock stuffing and replaced it with lambs wool. It didn't cost much to do and wasn't that hard either but made a decent difference in the sound stage and the bass response. I, too, was using Rotel be it the 10 series RC1090/RB1080 2ch set up.
Wow never even thought of replacing the internal wiring and stuffing. Interesting idea. Many thanks.
Just be careful when attempting to monkey with performance. This can negatively resale value down the road. I look at external factors such as placement, speaker wire, etc.
Yes Phasecorrect. I wouldn't actually tackle such a project but it is an interesting challenge if you know what you're doing. Yes it could impact resale value because the units were modified.