Ensemble power porducts: a surprise no.2

I have added a second Ensemble Ido-link power transformer into my system. I now have one for the DAc and one for the transport as well as the Ensemble power cords and AC distribution center. The bottom line is that they reveal how much the PS-Audio and Richard Grays were coloring/constraining the sound. I still find this hard to believe but the sound has increased in transparency and liquidity. I've gained an impressive amount of ambient decay that was not there before and the bass has become transformed; it now has much more authority as well as low level nuances. All in all a very imopressive improvement just through changes in the power going to the front end. I am grateful to Brian Ackerman of Artistic Audio in Mission Viejo California for letting me try the products in my system and decide for myself whether they realyy make a differnce, which they most certinaly do. I think Brian may be the US distributor for these products. If not he can probably point interested people to the appropriate dealer. he can be reached at 949-362-6080. These products are defintiely worth auditioning if you are striving for that elusive 'Absolute Sound'
Hmm, this guy Steve likes to lurk near the forums and blast anyone who buys power cords and other power conditioning products! I don't know why he gets a kick out of his own penmanship, but to each his own I guess. Anyway, Ensemble man, I have been trying some Ensemble speaker cables and balanced interconnects and power strips and have been very pleased with their performance as well as their extremely reasonable price. I haven't tried the Iso Link box you describe but hope to do so in the next few months. There is very little if any of this stuff for sale used, but the prices new are very reasonable. As for you, Steve, shut up, no one cares or gives a hoot about your superior knowledge.
Quite a few power cords have come and gone in my gear but the Ensemble MegaFlux p/c has held its own pretty well. Why? Because nothing has yet come close to beat it. The cord is plugged into my Sony SCDP.
Hey! I'm just trying to share my honest reaction to an interesting product. I don't have to buy any of these products. I audition them and if I fin dthey add to my pleasure and goal of the recreation of live music then i vote with my dollars. Audiogon is a wonderful forum and i truly value alot of the opinions, but it is also an open forum which leads to the occaisional 'cheap shot' or disgruntled audiophile looking to unleash their displeasure on those of us who have spent the years and countles dollars to educate ourselves to what works and what doesn;t. Hopefully most of us are after athe dsame thing: the love and pursuit of musical satisfaction.
stevem, yust so ya know, prior to giving ya negative wotes, i searched 90493m's threads to see if he in fact *was* a schill for ensemble - there *are* some folks like this on a-gon, as we have all seen. turns out 90493m is yust a regular guy, into audio, like most of us here... your comments here are more than a little off-base.

doug s.