Entry Speakers for McIntosh MC240/C22

I recently inherited an MC240 amp and C22 preamp from the early 1960s that were my grandfathers. Single owner, I'm told they were refurbished recently (haven't been used in at least 2 years maybe longer). I listen mostly to indie rock but also some jazz and classic rock.

I'm basically starting from scratch, so need speakers and a turntable. Eventually hoping to get a DAC. I'm a student, so have a low budget, hoping to be at/below $500 for speakers. I've been looking at paradigms and PSBs mostly, from all the great reviews they get for their lower-priced lines. I don't mind buying used or waiting for a deal.

I'm worried about the low power of the MC240 w/ speakers, especially since I can't test on the equip before i buy.

Advice? Thanks!
Check craigslist and local garage/estate sales. Many people get rid of excellent vintage speakers for near nothing. If you're patient you could find something thata will fit your needs.
the 240 has plenty of grunt to drive speakers. i'd try 'em with kipsch heresys.
If you can find a pair of used JM Lab speakers get them. The smaller models won't have room shaking bass; but the dynamics will be great.
The higher end JM Lab Monitors are increasingly being used in professional recording studios all over the world. And the technology has migrated down to the less expensive models as well...