Equi=Tech or Shunyata / Hydra

Equi=Tech ET2Q Or Shunyata/Hydra. I would like know if someone knows sonics differences between this two gigants.
I have had a number of the different power devices in my system and so far the HYDRA is by far the best.

I have had quite a few through here and all did something well, but ultimately, they left for a reason. Whether it was loss of dynamics or slight coloration, I simply was not satisfied until I put the HYDRA in my system.

Beleive it or not, there is a break-in period with it. The first 3-4 days it is not even close to at it's best. Once it has been on for a long enough period of time, with devices plugged into it, the HYDRA is wonderful. It lowers the noise floor quite a bit without limiting dynamics. All components are greatly improved when plugged into it.

As far as the equi-tech, I have not heard it for myself, but I have friends that were not crazy about it. They now own the HYDRA.

Hope this helps.
If you are looking for the king of PLCs, you should also put the Sound Application CF-X on your list. I own 2 Hydras as well as a CF-X, and in my estimation I think the CF-X beats the Hydras. The Hydras do lower the noise floor, but to my ear ther is a slight dulling of the highs. The CF-X lowers the noise floor even more so than the Hydras, however it actually improves the highs in the process. I do think the Hydra is good, just not as good as the CF-X.
Try the Ensemble, good price & will blow away the high price PC's. 1 meter is only about $480. It is even better than the King Cobra's.

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