Equitech Model Q vs PS Audio P10

Anyone done a comparison between the two?

I currently have the P10 and the difference it made is huge...

How would balanced power compare? It does not look like the two are compatible approaches.
They are two very different approaches, and for power conditioning it can be very system and power dependent. I love my Equitech 2Q. Best conditioning I have had in my system. Prefer it to the earlier PS Audio regenerator I have tried, but that is the P300 and times have changed.

This is likely something you will need to try for yourself.
I had the Equi-tech q 10 and it was stunning!

I say was because very shortly after i installed it things started going downhill!

From breaker replacements to shorted wires etc. and they have the SINGLE WORST customer service group i have ever encountered in thirty years of this hobby!

Look at Audience or look upstream at Isotek but be warned about having the need for help and direction from Equi-tech!!
I have two system and two Equip-tech Q's. Both were purchased used and I have been running them over five years. They sound great and I have had zero problems with them. I wonder if the poster complaining about service bought a used unit that was mistreated. There is really very little that can go wrong with these and the amount of problems he describes don't really make sense. I can't speak about their service because I have had zero problems even with the one some idiot sent me just rattling around in a cardboard box. 70 lbs. no protection, dented corner and still worked perfectly.
I ended up selling the P10.

While the P10 made a big improvement to the sound, the equitech unit made an even bigger improvement. Sadly, the P10 before the equitech degraded the sound so I had to sell it.
That's good to know. Love my Equitech 2Q, and have wondered how the P10 might compare. Can you say more about the differences you heard?
Not much to say really. With P10 sound is just much better, much less wrongness to it. With the 3RQ, it's more of the good stuff, and even less wrongness.

With P10 -> Equitech, it's somewhere in the middle of the scale.

My power quality here is extremely bad though, so the improvement was huge huge huge. As a bonus, used Equitech goes for way cheap on Ebay and I think they last forever.
Forgot to say, I was using the ET2R at first, then bought the 3RQ. I probably should sell the ET2R since I no longer use it...