Esoteric combo doubt

I want to change my digital source. I'm very interested in the new Esoteric XD series. As far as I know the N-01XD and the K-01XD have the same DAC, but I don't have the budget for the K-01XD. I want to play Cd and SACD, so... what do you think:
1.- Esoteric K-03XD + streamer (more offer, more chances to find a good cheaper one)
2.- Esoteric N-01XD + transport (better DAC, hard to find a good and not very expensive SACD/CD transport)

You posted this question in another forum, and got some good replies. But I am happy to offer my two cents again.

I would try to stay with 01XD series, if you can. It you spend a lot of time spinning discs, then get the K-01XD, and add a streamer. Good streamers (USB out) can be had for not a ton of money.

If majority of your time is spent streaming, then the N-01XD is best. The N-01XD is $3,000 cheaper than K-01XD, so you can put that money towards a transport. If you SACD playback is a must, unfortunately the Esoteric own SACD transport with their ES-Link digital proprietary connections to the N-01XD are very expensive. The P-05x (now no longer in production, although still shows on website) retails for $10,000. The P-02x is even more expensive. Unfortunately there is no XD version of the SACD transport, and Esoteric have indicated they won't be one for the next couple of years at least.

Good luck
The K-01XD sounds better in my listening room than does either the 03XD or K-01XS.

My 2 cents...
If you decide to buy esoteric read through my post before putting money down, you may decide to go elsewhere 
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