Esoteric DV-50 break in

Anyone have any experience on how long it takes this unit to
break in?
I suggest a good 300 hours in every format is needed. you may also want to try the Purist Audio break-in cd which works great for your entire system.
I agree with the above responses. I got mine on July 8, and it was the beginning of August before the true qualities of this excellent player were fully realized. Also, you should break-in each of the formats seperately for at least 50hrs. or so each. This makes a difference. DVD-A takes the longest.
It was your posting "dog" that made me look into this player. The DV-50 is THE crown jewel. Now to the above poster. Yes, do let it play for a full month and alternate formats. Then, I highly advise you leave it on all the time and dim the display when not using. I keep display off all the time- amoung other sound maximization. The unit is very transparent when fully cooked. If the bass is boomy- try different speaker cables till you find a "neutral" pair. Many speaker cables will add an artificial lift in the bass. Enjoy the machine.
Thanks gentlemen, after two weeks it's still somewhat closed in but, I am rotating formats and using the Cardas/Ayre burn in disc.

"Closed In"--? What is your amplifier-speaker cable-loud speaker. One of those is the culprit - I'm certain.
Tim, I have tried all the burn in Cd's available and nothing works quite like the Purist Audio disc. It's much more expensive than the others but to me worth the extra money! I once broke in cardas golden cross speaker cables in 72 hours with this disc which is a bear to break in with just playing music and usually takes up to 2 months. Your Esoteric player is quite capable of high resolution once fully run in so not to worry, just keep playing it. I would also suggest shutting it off one in a while for a good 12 hours to let the circuit discharge. This will also improve the sound.
I would like to hear from those that have compared the CD playback of the DV-50 against another player and get their opinions of its red book performance, preferably against a quality dedicated red book player. Anyone?