Esoteric DV-50, Marantz SA-11 or Arc CD3 MKII???

Hi guys and gals,
I need some help here. I've never been a big digital kinda guy but I do need a CD player. I've owned and loved the Electrocompaniet ECD-1 and currently own an Esoteric D-50 that I like well enough but haven't fallen love with. I tried the Resolution Opus 21 and the new McCormack UDP-1 and preferred the DV-50 to either of these machines, at best it was a sideways move between the Dv-50 and the Udp-1. I'm now considering either the Marantz Sa-11 or the Audio Research CD-3 MKII. I know there are others but these two have come to the top of my list. I play all music, jazz, folk , blues, rock, classical yadda, yadda, yadda! I like the bass, dynamics, resolution of the DV-50 but I never get the 3D reach out and touch someone in your room feeling from this player. I would like something that gave me the sense of air and space that surrounds images in real space. The DV-50 images nicely, a little forward but plenty of width and depth but no organic feel to it. I know this is hard to describe but I hope someone can pick up on what I'm trying to describe and respond from expierience with the above mentioned players. Thanks in advance to everyone!
I owned the DV-50, and once borrowed the CD3 MKII from a local dealer. I honestly prefered the DV-50. The MKII thorws a wider stage, and sounds more at ease with bigger images and more pronounced, but the sence I got is that it sacrifices resolution a bit to do it. It reminded me of an old CEC plyaer I use to have, very smooth, but lacking in the same detail that the DV-50 provides you. The DV-50 also seemed more dynamic. I just thought the DV-50 was more fun to listen too. Perhaps it was system mismatch, but I dont think so. I am sure that their are those that would prefer the MKII to the DV-50...just not me. I hope that helps.
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When SACD first came about I unfortunately purchased a Sony SCD-1 because of, I guess the great reviews. And yes listened to it, but not in my system. Got it home and was thoroughly disappointed with its detached sound and basically my redbook digital front end ate it alive. Waited until about 500 hours burn in and sold the beast. That was three years ago and I've been listening to all SACD players as potential replacements for the Sony including Esoteric DV-50 and the Marantz SA-11 which both IMHO are uninvolving, in that the DV-50 was similar to the Sony in its detachment to the music and the SA-11 Overly warm, also missed the mark. There is one machine I am waiting for to come up used on A,GON and that is the Classe Omega SACD2. Absolutly stellar.
"the SA-11 Overly warm, also missed the mark."

Opposite experience, dead on neutral in my system. In fact it made the moded Denon 3910 I have sound overly warm in comparison.
The stock SA-11 could make anything sound "overly warm" by comparision. I have owned all 3 players mentioned above and IMO these make up the AXIS of digital garbage. Each one is worse than the other. Revise your list and move on........
"Each one is worse than the other. Revise your list and move on........

Actually, having owned many other stock mid to high end CD players and SACD players, the "AXIS" remains on pretty much anything you don't get a talented mod guy to mod :) IMHO
I own the DV-50, and find it accurate, spacious, and layered, BUT, it is a bit on the bright side on some material. Without a doubt, the best universal I have heard is the Linn 1.1, but it is quite pricey at 11,000. It is smooth,but detailed and with incredible depth and layering. It is the most musical of all the universals I have heard, but it is expensive, and early units had a lot of problems.
I solved my CD listening issues by picking up a Sonic Frontiers Processor 3. It upgraded a modded SCD-1, a modded XA-777, a stock 3910 and a Jolida 100 with upgraded tubes. The DAC opened up the sound stage and improved the musicality to an extent that it could not be termed a subtle improvemnent . I paid $1800 for the DAC on Audiogon and unlike a mod, it will hold its value.