Esoteric E-02 or SimAudio 810LP

Hey everyone
I am looking to upgrade my phono stage and both of these get stellar reviews.  Has anyone compared them to each other?
I’m wondering the same thing as I have heard and been told by several people that the 810 and 820 power supply is an awesome combination
Dear @arcmania : I never listen the Esoteric only the 810LP .

Looking at the level of engeneering on both units the SimAudio is way superior to the Esoteric, against the 810LP and with all respect the 02 is a " toy ".

The 810LP is not only duakl mono, fully balanced, fully regulated, with an envyed power suply totally isolated from the audio circuits but the overall signal circuit boards uses fully discrete active and passive top parts where those transistors are hand made selected and matched.

The 02 uses good operational ampifiers that against the 810LP can't compare it in any way.

A phono stage exist mainly because cartridges needs the inverse RIAA eq. and this is the more important characteristic along that this RIAA eq. must be accurated.
Well the 02 unit has a swing deviation of 0.4db and uses feedback when the 810LP swing is only 0.2db with no local feedback.

The power supply in the 810LP is impressive with over 40k+ of capacitance and even you can get the 820 external PS that in theory could gives even better quality sound reproduction levels.

If I was you there is nothing to think about: the 810LP is and should be your best choice and not only against the Esoteric but against almost any top SS designs out there.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,
Thank you.  I know they are both very good, and I know I could be happy with either.  I own products from both companies in my system.  At this level, some of us only make so many upgrades, so a sonic comparison is what I was hoping to find.

Well, just for the sake of wrapping this discussion up, I bought the Esoteric E-02.  Dynamics, resolution, extension ..... it gave me all of those.  I expect to hold on to this phono stage for at least a decade.  So, I am very very happy with it.