Esoteric or CEC cd-transport

I'm looking for a cheap cd-transport (around 1000-1500 USD). Any ideas what models from Esoteric or CEC fit this price range? Preferably a used one.

The current system is made of Luxman components only - DAC DA-06, C-600F and M-600A amps.
If you do a search on Audiogon for CEC and Esoteric you will find one unit each within your price range.
I am surprised that there is even one at that price. I think you may want to up your ante If you want a good Esoteric, I am less familiar with CEC.
For that price range I would not get all focused on any one or two brands. Their are many good players/transports for around $1500. The only Esoteric I would own would have the awesome NEO VRDS drive (that's very expensive). I would make sure the unit you choose has the correct outputs of course. Also, a unit that functions well and quickly, quietly, with remote, you could use anything from a used Shangling to a new Oppo 105! Regards,

Matt M
As an option I also consider TEAC VRDS 10 or 20 - they are even cheaper. Don't think that Luxman will work here - they aren't famous for their CD players.
I've never owned an Esoteric, but have had several CEC units. I currently use a CEC TL-2 and find it to be the best transport that I have ever owned, (and I've owned LOTS of them).

I'm sure either one would be an excellent choice.
TEAC is the parent company of Esoteric obviously their high end division. I would hope they apply some of what they use for Esoteric into TEAC, but I wouldn't count on it. If they put Neo -VRDS in a reasonably priced TEAC CD player, I would buy one immediately
Congrats on getting the CEC transport! They have a very engaging, smooth and effortless sound. Since they're a belt drive design they may require some service over the years, but are much better sounding in my opinion as a transport compared to the Esoteric models.
Purchased a CEC TL3N earlier this year, nice unit.
Has anyone heard any CEC DACs?
One question regarding my purchase. I see some non-factory upgrades on the back panel... What is it?

Alex...sorry I don't know. I knew there were several companies that were modifying these, but that isn't one I've seen.

I even searched for that image, but didn't come up with anything.

Maybe ask the person you bought it from, what was done.
I haven't seen that mod before either, but it appears to be an external clock input via BNC connector along with a switch to allow the selection of either the internal or external connected clock.
If you don't have an external clock connected I would assume that the switch should be set to "int" for the internal clock to be used.
Mechans, it seems TEAC has already missed the boat with audiophiles moving to servers. They should have put VRDS Neo into more affordable players a long time ago.
The best guy for modifying CEC transports is lampizator.
Just read how he modified the CEC TL-1X transport.
Lampizator said the CEC TL-1X after his mods were the best transport he's ever heard and he's heard tons of transports and CD players. -

Lampizator also modified CEC Dacs, but said the CEC Dac is not good. He said, there are much better Dacs out there.
Here's his commentary. -