Esoteric SA-50???


Has anyone heard the New SA-50?
How are the Digital Inputs(usb)?

Sounds exciting, but wouldn't it overlap the X-05.Esoteric is really confusing with it's product line.
I received my SA-50 last week. This is one great player and I love the the external input. I use XM radio,I know it's compressed, but the converter in the SA-50 does a great job. I like the minimum phase filter, no pre echo. I think the AKM 4390 is a great DAC.
I checked out their line-up and agree that it is confusing. There's different units at the same price point. What's the SA-60?
Confusing,for sure,but every Esoteric (SA-60,X-05,X03SE,P05/D05,P03/D03) that I've heard sound amazing. And as you move up,they sonically sound better.
Hi Alpha,
From what I have learned, the video ability of the SV-50 affects the quality of the audio. The transports VSOP or VRDS-neo also play an important role with the later being superior.The new SA-50 has the cheaper transport but has perhaps a better dac?,and imputs.I've been listening to as many Esoterics as possible and starting to hear the differences between what I been able to hear.Most, but not all has been on the same system,one I'm familiar with.

Im leaning towards the X-05.The VRDS-VMK-5 transport
is suppose to be much better than the VSOP.Although
it would be nice to have the digital inputs:)
Alpha3,I feel your pain!Esoteric seems to give with one hand and take away with the other.As I mentioned however,I like the over sound of every one I heard, so you'll enjoy what you settle on.My wish was for Esoteric to build a single box,VRDS-NEO transport,32 bit dac with digital inputs around $5000.I can almost hear it now........

I am a dealer, fairly new however, for Esoteric. Agreed the line up is a little confusing. The X-05 and the X-3 would be my choices. I am going to get a little more info on the new SA-50 next week, after the show in Munich. Will let you know.
Alpha3, I'm at the Munich show and Esoteric has the new SA-50 on display. They are using Avantgarde Duo's with the Bass Module, I thought the sound was outstanding. The are playing the same musio in Vinyl and CD. And the CD is as smooth as the CD.
I listened to the SA-50 at Music Direct this week.
Very smooth sounding,gone is that hyper detail sound.