Esoteric SACD Titles

I received a few Esoteric SACD's this past Christmas and really enjoy them. They are very balanced and have a very natural soundstage, clear instrumental definition but well balanced as a whole. They sound more like the smooth natural balance of live music than any of my other music. I would welcome some others input as to favorite titles from the Esoteric catalog. They are spending so though I would like to buy a few more I need to make my purchases carefully. Thanks. 
They're just too expensive for me to really have an interest in them, no matter how good they sound.
rcprince, thanks for your response, sorry they are not in your range, I can afford a few. After collecting thousands of cd's and lip's I am now more interested in quality than quantity. 
They are excellent....and the folks at Esoteric have pulled out some great out performances to work their magic upon. They are pricey but definitely worth it.  Another source of great discs remastered and laid down with vinyl-like quality and sound is the Audiowave BlueNote XRCD24 series (25 discs) from ElusiveDisc; they are amazing, best disc version of those titles that I own.  

For SACD, you also cannot beat anything put out by Gunter Pauler and his Stockfisch Records team in Germany.  Their work is off the charts...
Thanks zephyr24069. As I rebuild my collection I am more interested in great music/quality than numbers of albums/discs/downloads.