Ethernet Cable

New component rack ordered and need longer ethernet cable.  Been out of the market so what cables should I consider?  Currently using AQ Vodka.

Ethernet cable is probably the most controversial cable in HiFi. Many here (cable naysayers) chime in shortly stating off the shelf Belkin cable is just as good as AQ’s digital bits, 1’s and 0’s blah blah. 

My personal favorite is Purist Audio Design CAT7. Very neutral, detailed and smooth sounding cable for the money.
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@joecasey  It will be helpful if you state a budget and length.

@lalitk  conducted a direct comparison between a few LAN cables and ultimately chose the Purist (though I think he also liked the SoTM). And I believe he had some fellow audiophiles over to help with the shoot out and they also preferred the Purist, so his recommendation is vetted and a good one.

I like SoTM. There are many other good choices like Wireworld, etc.

@doug_schroeder also conducted a LAN shootout (his review is on Dagogo) and I believe he preferred Wireworld.

AudioBacon is another site to look at for in-depth LAN reviews. Audiostream would be another site to check.

Test a few options within your system to see what works best for you.

PS. I have had success with longer runs using more Cost Effective options like Supra CAT 8 and Oyaide.
Don't have a particular budget in mind ...  Getting a custom 3 components wide, low 2 shelves rack built that will sit between speakers and ~10 feet back against wall.

I have ethernet jack in the room ...  current IC from pre to amps is 4M so probably 5M+.  

I'll start with the generic blue ethernet cable from my office so no rush.
The Synergistic Research UEF Ethernet transformed my system.  I'm sure having the grounding plugged into the SR Active Grounding Block SE had a significant impact.  Being able to voice the cable with the UEF Tuning bullets was very helpful.  This cable retails for $3K though.
To start, ordered 8M Supra CAT 8 to compare with Vodka.   Also plan to try SoTM,  Wireworld ...  Rack not ready another 3 to 4 weeks so have time.
@joecasey   Looking forward to your findings with the AQ Vodka and the Supra CAT8 LAN cables.

Thank you for your recommendation on Oyaide Neo Cable. I just ordered the cable from eBay seller, let’s have another shootout 😉
@lalitk  Let's do it!

@joecasey   Cool! It will be interesting to learn about what you find. 
Supra CAT 8 arrived yesterday placing order just 3 days ago.  It's much much quieter than AQ flushing out more details and resolution.   Superior cohesion and 3D with well defined images.  ~5 hours on it so far.  Very happy with purchase.

Oyaide is shipping from Japan scheduled to arrive mid March.  So far so good :-)

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    Ethernet cables do not have a sonic signature as Jinjuku here demonstrated:
Jinjuku made a claim in that thread, not a demonstration. There are no details on how the test was conducted, no one monitored the process and the sample size wasn't stated but for the instance where it was just one person. So it appears this matter remains unresolved.
@joecasey   Great to hear! Glad you are happy with the results. I use the Supra CAT8 for my peripheral connections. Looking forward to your head-to-head impressions with the Oyaide cable.

I have received my Oyaide IS-707 RJ Cable today. Right off the bat, nice build quality, flexible and high quality locking connectors seen only on uber-expensive cables. I will allow burn-in time between now and the weekend before I sit down for some critical listening / camparison. 

@lalitk   The build quality is very nice! SOtM could use those, right? : )

Looking forward to learning how you find it works out within your system.

If you are referring to connectors, SoTM cable already has those. But the darn cable is quite stiff, nevertheless it is still my reference cable 😄
In my system Supra CAT8 is the BIG WINNER!!!   Oyaide IS-707 RJ sounds similar to AQ.   Supra is more dynamic, images jumping out of blacker background ...
I replaced all AQs with Supra CAT8 and after 50+ hours, system sounds excellent.  Everything is system dependent and Supra CAT8 just works very well in my system.

Difference is obvious and don't need struggle to hear the improvements.

I agree, Supra is a fabulous sounding cable and an excellent value. The Oyaide IS-707 RJ Cable was good but once you hear Supra, there is no way you can go back to IS-707.  

Supra is least expensive and much superior to Oyaide.    I also prefer AQ to Oyaide.

t_ramey and joecasey,

Thanks, I just ordered a 2 and a 3 meter CAT 8.

I'm currently using AQ Vodka.


@joecasey  and @lalitk  Great to hear that the Supra CAT 8 has worked out so well for both of you! Thanks for the updates.

Looking forward to your ongoing impressions as well as the new ones from @illuminator 


I purchased the Supra CAT 8, and they were okay in my system.

However, the Wireworld Starlight CAT 8 worked better for me.

@illuminator That’s good to know. Many are super pleased with the Wireworld. It’s one I need to try out.

What was different between the two cables and where did the Wireworld stand out and the Supras fall short, for you? Thank you.


I found the Supra cables to be quiet and detailed, but thin and not very involving in my system.

The Wireworld Starlight is quiet, detailed, fuller sounding and very involving.

But, like they say, that's my system with a Lumin A1 network player and Simaudio 600i integrated amp.  YMMV.

@illuminator   Thanks!  Fuller and involving...can't beat that! Great to hear the Wireworld Starlight CAT8 is delivering what you prefer in your system.

Just installed 3 runs of Supra CAT8 in place of Terra CAT7. The music is noticeably more alive with no loss of body and soul. I almost never hear an undeniable improvement with cable changes. Not a component level upgrade improvement for sure; nonetheless, it justifies the cost of the Supras.
An Ethernet cable is one of the most common forms of network cable used on wired networks. Ethernet cables connect devices within a local area network, like PCs, routers, and switches.
I just got into streaming Tidal music with my Aurender music server.  I have to say the Tidal music quality is very good.  Much better than Spotify.  But when I compare the same songs between the WAV files stored in the unit and Tidal, I can still hear some minor differences.  The WAV files still sound better than streaming.  So, the question is, would the Tidal music sound as good if I upgrade the ethernet cable (between the Aurender and the router)?  I am currently using the generic ethernet cable that comes with the router.  Thanks.
@respected_ent Congratulations on adding Tidal and streaming music to your repertoire!

LAN cables will make a difference and should provide you with better sound quality. And yes, there are sonic differences and performance levels between LAN cables.
I encourage you to 'treat' your router as you would any major audio component. In other words, apply proper isolation and make use of an upgraded power supply and power (DC) cable. This WILL enhance system performance as well.
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@david_ten Thanks!  I may give the Wireworld Starlight CAT8 a try first.  It seems to be a popular cable for the Aurender owners.  In my experience, I've learned that every single cable makes a difference, so I can see that ethernet cable matters too even though I struggle to comprehend.  
Just replaced Supra with AQ Diamond from wall to DAC and improvements in ALL parameters.  AD Diamond is expensive but well worth it.
I encourage you to 'treat' your router as you would any major audio component. In other words, apply proper isolation and make use of an upgraded power supply and power (DC) cable. This WILL enhance system performance as well. 

Agree!   Sbooster LPS improved my Verizon Fios router performance.
  • Since a few weeks I use the Revelation Audio Labs CryoSilver Reference CAT8+/RJ-45 i2s Ethernet cable between my North Star Design cd transport and NSD extremo dac. It beats every ethernet cable I used before. A perfect match. I used the cat 5 of Revelation audio before. It gog broke because of thd cheap connectors after a few years. I tried several other cables. From cheap to expsive but it didn't work out well. I great soundstage and 3 dimensional experience didn't got back. It was very frustrating. Even tried a used White Gold of North Star. At the and I bought the new Revelation Audiolabs Cryo Silver Reference Cat 8 Ethernet cable. Good Price as compensation for the old broken one, good communication and fast delivery. The sound is incredible even when it will take some time more for totaly break inn. I am very happy.
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All Ethernet cables serve the same basic purpose — to connect devices to networks, like the internet. Not all Ethernet cables are exactly the same, however. If you’ve ever found yourself in need of an Ethernet cable without any idea of which one you should pick, you’re not alone. Ethernet designations, like many things in modern networking standards, can be difficult to interpret and understand. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to find out which cable is right for you and your situation. mysubwaycard mygiftcardsite mcdvoice tutuapp

All Ethernet cables serve the same basic purpose — to connect devices to networks, like the internet."

Wow, that is amazing thank you for sharing this eye opening information so you are saying all ethernet cables do this every single, solitary ethernet cable ever made by every manufacturer in every factory in every country was specifically intended, designed and manufactured for this purpose? Please tell us more were they also designed for other purposes such as use as an AC cable, transatlantic cable, fiber optic cable, or speaker cable you sound like a qualified,  informed, educated expert so please tell us!
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