Ethernet cables

Hello everybody!

I would like to have your opinions about Ethernet cables. I recently saw some silly expensive Ethernet cables! Do you think it is worth spending a huge amount for a cable which transfers data? Your thoughts please! 
Thank you!


Supra CAT 8 work well in my system. Relatively inexpensive, solid connectors, double screen insulation.

I just bought an Aurender N100 from another member and found that I didn’t have a spare Ethernet cable, so I bought one at Best Buy.  Seems to work fine (but then my system is not as revealing as some here have). 

for a digital signal you will not hear anything different - digital signals have error correction - save your money for the analog cable which is audible and lacks error correction. 

Think about it - you're streaming digital information over the Internet where the info transects hundreds or thousands of other cables en route to your streamer - you really think the last 10-20' is going to make it better? 

you really think the last 10-20' is going to make it better?

no but the last meter might.