Ethernet connection for best sound quality

As far as I'm aware of for streaming audio with tidal hi fi plus ethernet. I need; besides modem and router.

1) A Streamer

2) A ethernet card specifically for audio jcat or matrix if I use my computer

3) Shielded ethernet cat 5 or better cable

So from wall to modem to router to streamer to dac, correct?






Concerning the ifi LAN silencer.

The Chain; DSL- to modem- to router- to streamer- to DAC.

In the chain it should be placed? I figure befroe the streamer, I cannot see any sense in cleaning the bits that arrive to my computer.

Working backwards,

before the streamer?

before the router?

before the modem?



I have two LAN silencers.

One I use between my wall outlet and switch (Acoustic Revive RLI-1GB-tripleC).

The other is between the switch and streamer (Pink Faun LAN Isolator).

@vinylshadow I have Empire streamer/DAC. It is hands down the best sounding streamer/DAC I have owned besting the Lumin X1 using it's fiber input. Unfortunately I may be selling it as a business opportunity has come up.

@ron1264  Thank you for your feedback. I've heard the Empire was as you experienced.

Best of luck with your business opportunity!

I have been researching streamers since I mostly use headphones for my music listening now since the wife of 37 years has issues when I listen to my 2-channel system due to loud listening levels. So, as they say, happy wife happy life.

My current headphone rig:

Headphones: Denon AH-D9200’s (closed back) and Senn HD 650 (open back). Contemplating buying the ZMF Caldera

DAC: Schiit Bifrost 2/64

Amp: Schiit Folkvangr with Mullard E88CC tubes.

I have been using my custom PC I built since I am still a gamer at the age of 57. The cost of the PC was over 5k and the most expensive part was the GPU (ASUS RTX 4090). The PSU is a Corsair AX1600i (80 PLUS Titanium) at $610 (USD). I believe the PSU is the heart of the system. The CPU is a i9-13900KS and I am using 32gb of Corsair DDR5 ram. The motherboard is an ASUS Z790 ROG Maxiumus Hero. Storage used is 2 Samsung 990 Pro 2TB on the motherboard and an 8TB Samsung QVO SSD. I connect my PC via USB to the Schiit Bifrost 2/64 DAC. I do not hear any audible noise when the music is not playing.

I use Tidal and Apple music for streaming. I have used iTunes for many years before Tidal and I like using it. I have connected my iPad Pro via the Apple lightening to USB adapter to my Schiit DAC. I have recently purchased a Mac Mini M2 Pro (16gb, 1tb SSD) as my streamer.  Comparing my custom PC to the Mac Mini M2 Pro I give the edge to my PC for sound quality. I bought the Mac Mini as an open box at Microcenter for $1,100 (retail $1,499), yes, I know Apple products cost money. I like the small foot print of the Mac Mini and I remember attending the stereo show in SOCAL (THE SHOW) pre covid and many of the exhibit rooms were using a Mac Mini as their music server.

I also own a Oppo 205 in my main system and after reading one of the posts I may use it as a streamer. There is a lot of talk on the internet about the Eversolo DMP-A6 as a streamer, it is currently on Amazon at $859 and I have contemplated trying it. I have been advised to try the Lumin U2 ($5k) or the HiFi Rose RS250A ($2,695). My thoughts are the streamer is sending a digital signal (not going to use the DAC in the streamer) to my DAC and the DAC should take care of the processing. Decisions, decisions.